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Financial Times 13,019 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on March 19th, 2009

Pete Maclean.

FT Weekend prize puzzle from March 7
Cinephile brings us a mix of some clever clues (23A, 25A, 26A, 15D), some pedestrian ones (1D), a couple of familiar ones (15A, 17D) and a daring one (24A) for what I thought was a very satisfying puzzle.

1. CASTLES IN THE AIR – CAST (actors) + SIN (wrongdoing) in LETHE (forgetfulness) + AIR (expose)
9. ORLANDO – OR (or) + LANDO[r] (as in Walter Savage Landor, poet)…with double definition
10. TAXICAB – TAX (revenue) + IC (in charge) + AB (sailor)
11. EBOLA – A (a) + LOBE (piece of ear) backwards
12. EXPIATION – anagram of OPEN AT XII
14. BUTTERCUP – BUTTER (fat) + CUP (container)
15. DIEGO – DIE (leave) + GO (leave)
16. ERGOT – ER (monarch) + GOT (contracted)
18. MARKET-LED – KET[t]LE in DRAM (drink) backwards
20. KITCHENER – double/cryptic definition
23. MINCE – double definition
24. AMIABLE – AM I ABLE (can I). This is an unconventional clue in that it has no definition. I think it’s okay.
25. ASEXUAL – anagram of AUX and A LES
26. TIGHTEN THE SCREW – TIGHTEN (give too much booze) + THE SCREW (prison officer)

1. COOKED BREAKFAST – OK (agreement) in COED (US student) + BREAK (interruption) + FAST (at speed)
2. SELLOUT – double definition
3. LINEAMENT – anagram of NAME in LIN[n]ET (nameless bird)
4. SPOKE – double definition
5. NOTEPAPER – anagram of ONE PART PE
6. HOXHA – OX (beast) in HH (the Pope, his holiness) + A (a)
7. ASCRIBE – CRIB (Christmas scene) in anagram of SEA
8. ROBIN GOODFELLOW – ROBING (dress) + FELL (collapsed) in anagram of WOOD
14. COMINTERN – CO (company) + MIN (little time) + TERN (sea bird)
15. DREAMLESS – anagram of MALE in DRESS (clothing)
17. G-STRING – double definition
19. LANGOUR – O (nothing) in LANGUR (monkey)
21. HABIT – double definition
22. REACH (?) – (I am not sure about this one)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,019 by Cinephile”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Hi Pete
    22d ROACH (a fish, swimmer). If you add A PP (a parish priest) to the beginning you get ‘approach’ (to get near).

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, got it now! Thanks once again, Geoff.

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