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Independent 6999 by Glow-worm

Posted by NealH on March 23rd, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def

I found this a nicely balanced puzzle, challenging without being too difficult and having a good mix of clues.

1 Requiescat: (quiet acres)* – quite a nice surface definition.
6 Spin: double def – a drive out is a spin and spin (doctoring) is slanted reporting.
10 Drama: Dram + a[uditorium].
11 Stage door: (gods are to)*.
12 Free ride: Fr + d in eerie.
13 Suede: hom of “swayed”.
15 Eclipse: Clips in middle letters of week.
17 Spidery: (dire spy)*.
19 Eyeless: Double def, the second part referring to the London Eye.
21 Smetana: Eastman*. I dislike anagrams where the word is unfamiliar because there is no way to get it other than try out different permuations of letters. This was a case in point – I’d never heard of Bedrich Smetana but fortunately my first stab at the arrangement of letters proved to be correct. The definition refers to his work, the Bartered Bride.
22 Chino: Chin + o.
24 Press box: squash=press + buffet=box.
27,28 President Obama: (mandates probe)* around I. Another great surface reading.
29 Cold: I can see the temptation to go for a clue like this when you’ve got a 4 letter word that starts with a C, but I thought the clue was a bit weak. I suppose this is the C word because cold can be abbreviated by a C but then so can other words like case and city.
30 Down at heel: Cryptic/double def. Not the smoothest surface reading, but it just about works.
1 Rude: hom of “rued”.
2 Quadrille: Double def. A quadrille is a dance and also a card game.
3 Image: I’m + age.
4 Sistine (I set sin)*.
5 Amadeus: Made in [impl]aus[ible].
7 Probe: P + robe.
8 Nurseryman: Double def.
9 Perspire: Per + sp + ire.
14 Telescopic: (Oct + eclipse)*.
16 Pretoria: Pre + hom of tory + a[rgument].
18 Evaporate: Eva + po + rate.
20 Supremo: Hidden in toss up removing. There were enough false indicators in the form of “toss up” and “removing top” to make this harder than the usual hidden.
21 Sweeten: Wee in sten.
23 Ideal: I deal.
25 Sport: [dispense]s + port.
26 Fail: Odd leters of feasible.

4 Responses to “Independent 6999 by Glow-worm”

  1. Ali says:

    Agreed on all points! This was a well-balanced puzzle for a Monday. I struggled with the SMETANA clue and think the definition is a bit too obscure. That said, it was a fairly clear anagram and, with Internet phone access, Wikipedia is never far away on the bus!

    With C and L checked, the COLD clue is just about passable, but Iā€™m not totally convinced

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    Many good clues I felt, but one or two rather doubtful ones (19ac seems loose, 29ac vague, 4dn wasn’t sure about the def).

    In 9dn ‘on’ is used in my opinion perfectly well ā€” A on B giving AB. But some people feel that A on B should only give BA, I think. Does it matter?

  3. Paul B says:

    That’s a down clue though, where ‘on’ means above, according to convention. In across clues, (again by convention) ‘X on Y’ gives YX.

    As to ‘does it matter?’ I would say yes, as it helps solvers to have some things the same every time they see them. But as not all compilers and editors obey, or even know about such usage, I’m not sure people care much about whether this stuff matters or not.

  4. eimi says:

    The Across usage is less clear-cut, but certainly in a Down clue ‘on’ has to mean preceding rather than following.

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