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Financial Times 13,036 / Viking

Posted by shuchi on March 27th, 2009


I found this puzzle tough to start with but it got better when then the anagrams fell into place. 9A and 21A were my favourites, also enjoyed the reversals at 28A and 31A.

The parsing for a couple of clues eludes me, help is welcome.


1 REPOSE RE (about) POSE (claim) (Thanks nmsindy for the anno)
4 BARBADOS Cryptic definition, and I think the “stiff doubles” points to BAR, but I don’t see yet how it all adds up.
4 WAXWORKS cd (Thanks Gaufrid)
9 PAUNCH A in PUNCH (drink) &lit. Very neat way of using the c/c indicator “consumed by” to also imply habitual drinking.
12 DERELICT DER (the German) ELI (priest) CT (court)
13 ROT dd
14 FACTOR FACTORY (works) – Y
17 MAN MADE MAD (absurd) in MANE (hair)
21 EARFUL After an earful, one would be TEARFUL (upset).
25 ONE Unsure of the cryptic part. I’m reading this as: I = definition, start (ON), left (E?). GONE – G. (Thanks CGR for the anno)
26 BOOKREST BOOK (reserve) REST (silent period)
27 SPHERE dd
28 EMANATES SET (arrange) A NAME (celebrity), reversed
29 COHERE HE (her/his Excellency) in CORE (main)
30 TINSELLY TIN (can) SELL (promote) Y (unknown)
31 BERYLS S (soprano) LYRE (instrument) B (bass), reversed


1 REPROOFS REP (theatre) ROOFS (limits)
3 SICKROOM C in (RISK)*. OOM, how? (OOM = moo (low), reversed.  Thanks CGR)
5 APPLET PLE (short request i.e. plea) in APT (suitable)
6 WARREN RE (about) inside WARN (caution)
7 RABBIT dd. Links to WARREN. (Thanks Gaufrid for explaining 6 and 7d)
8 SCENTS CENT (little change) in SS (ship)
12 DORMANT DO (once more i.e. ditto) RANT (storm) about M (male)
15 RAG RAGA (eastern musical piece) – A. In its language of origin, “raga” is the pattern on which musical pieces are based, not the piece itself…though Chambers allows for the sense in which it’s used in this clue.
16 ODE hidden in yODEller
18 EARPHONE (CHAPERONE – C)* Nice deceptive definition.
19 EFFETELY F (fine) + FETE (fair) in ELY (see). My learning of the day, that “see” also means jurisdiction of a bishop.
22 OBJECT dd
23 DOMAIN DO (work) MAIN (leading)
24 CREATE E (English) in CRATE (case). This kept me thinking of synonyms for money, till the penny dropped.
25 OSTEAL OS (huge) TEAL (bird)

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,036 / Viking”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    25a: I think it’s (g)ONE.

  2. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    3d: rev. of moo (low), ‘retiring’ being the rev. ind., completes your anno.

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Shuchi
    Congratulations on your first blog. I agree with Rishi regarding 25a and 4a is WAXWORKS, a straight cd.

    7d is RABBIT (dd) which links to 6d WARREN – RE (about) in WARN (caution).

  4. shuchi says:

    Thank you Gaufrid and CGR. I’ll update the post with your comments.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Excellent puzzle, which I found very tough in places. Favourite clues, in grid order, WAXWORKS, OUTCRY, FACTOR, MAN-MADE, SPHERE, DORMANT. One very minor correction to the blog – I think 1 across is RE POSE rather than double definition.

  6. shuchi says:

    Hi Nmsindy, I agree with both your adjectives – ‘excellent’ and ‘tough’. WAXWORKS was brilliant, the kind that baffles till it’s unsolved then seems obvious with hindsight.

    1A: Yes a charade fits better. I’ll update it.

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