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Financial Times 13,041/Falcon

Posted by smiffy on April 2nd, 2009


Other than having to confirm a couple of answers post-solving (5A and 21D) this was not particularly mind-warping in nature. If anything, this puzzle struck me as having all most as much corn as the Jolly Green Giant in the bottom half (e.g. 22A, 28A, 16D, 17D, 23D).

1 STAR WARS – War[ks] in stars.
5 BRUTUS – double def’n.  I wasn’t familiar with the hairpiece of this name (it’s less popular these days than it was with the French aristocracy of yesteryear).
11/12 SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS – (charabancs did slyly)*. Strange surface reading.
13 PSALM – S([oprano] in Palm (Sunday).
14 ACCUSE – Cu in (case)*
15 MALISON – M + Alison
18 PRESENT – double def’n.  This one bothers me slightly, as the verb and noun are probably both derived from the same original sense.
20 OSPREY – OS +prey
22 ISSUE – A “must know” cryptic definition for offspring. Unusual to see it as a standalone.
24/25 ADDED FUEL TO THE FIRE – A rather pedestrian treatment of a phrase that I’d imagine offers quite some potential.
26 IMAGE – mag in (i.e.), rather than i.e. in mag
28 STAGGERS – double def’n.

1 SEARCH – sear + Ch
2 AVALANCHE – [r]anch in a vale.
3 WISH YOU WERE HERE – cryptic def’n.  I assume that “pc” stands for postcard (and not Perma-tanned Chalmers)
4 RESIDUE – (rise)* + due
7 TIARA – I in Tara
8 SEDIMENT – dime in (tens)*.
9 GYPSUM – (spy) rev in gum.
16 SPECULATE – s +peculate
17 SPRINTER – s +printer
19 TRAGIC – G.I. in cart(rev). By coincidence, we also had “doughboy”(=G.I.) crop up in yesterday’s Times puzzle (at 15A).
20 ODDMENT – (DD + men) in OT.
21 ALBERS – b in (Earl’s)*. Josef of that artistic ilk (previously unknown to me).
23 SATIN – sat in

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