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Independent 7004 by Tyrus (Prize Puzzle 28 Mar)

Posted by nmsindy on 3rd April 2009


Standing in for the normal blogger and would be delighted to receive explanations on what I’ve missed. It was a very challenging and enjoyable puzzle, with some cracking, devious, clues.

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Independent 7009/Phi

Posted by John on 3rd April 2009


The usual nice Phi today: he seldom has any clues that shout their brilliance at you, but there are always many very satisfactory ones nevertheless. I’m bewildered by two of them and fully expect instant responses. Only the most basic general knowledge seems to be called for, as witness the fact that there are no links in this blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,664 – Gordius

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 3rd April 2009

Ciaran McNulty.

Very enjoyable today,  quite a few c.d.s which seems to be a Gordius trait.

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Financial Times 13,042 / Mudd

Posted by shuchi on 3rd April 2009


Some well-concealed hidden words (21A, 26A) and amusing wordplay (1A, 12A, 17D) in this one. I was very entertained with the puzzle overall. A couple of clues look a little questionable to me (14D, 18D), maybe they have better explanations than what I gathered.

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Enigmatic Variations 855 — The Rule by Salamanca

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 3rd April 2009

Colin Blackburn.

A lovely simple puzzle from Salamanca. Clear, straightforward cluing with no misprints or extra words made solving this fairly easy; certainly easier than some of Salamanca’s Listener puzzles. The only devices to throw small spanners in the works were a handful of clues without definition and some answers being entered jumbled (marked with an asterisk here). The undefined clues turned out to be examples of I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C. Some proved the rule, some disproved it. The rule appeared in the two main diagonals allowing X and R to fill the two unchecked boxes. Lots of animals put in appearances.

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Inquisitor 117 QUO VADIS? BY Charybdis

Posted by Hihoba on 3rd April 2009


Most of the clues were reasonably straightforward, which was particularly necessary where there were clashes (sometimes multiple ones). Many were really inventive and entertaining.

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