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Financial Times 13,046 / Io

Posted by Gaufrid on 8th April 2009


Well, this one was different! Some very liberal cluing of definitions in places and a lot of cds. Some of the surfaces seemed a little odd on first reading but with hindsight I think they are in keeping with the overall quirky nature of the puzzle. On another day I might have had more quibbles but the sun is shining, the birds are singing …..

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Independent 7013/Dac

Posted by John on 8th April 2009


In ‘Logical Chess’, by Irving Chernev, the author takes it upon himself to make a comment on every single move. As you might expect, the commentary on the opening moves of games become rather repetitive. It’s rather the same when I blog a Dac crossword: he is always so tidy and efficient that it is tempting to repeat myself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,668/Paul

Posted by Andrew on 8th April 2009


A very enjoyable puzzle from Paul, with (I think) nothing that could be regarded as obscure. (By the way, Hugh Stephenson’s latest newsletter discusses what counts as general knowledge – see the Guardian crossword page.) There does seem to be, in Paulian style, rather an obsession with bodily functions (21ac, 7dn), and my only niggle is with 4dn, partly because I don’t much like this type of clue (though I know others do), but mainly because I’m sure it';s been used before, quite possibly by Paul himself.

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