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Independent 7010/Bannsider (Prize puzzle 04-04-09)

Posted by neildubya on April 10th, 2009


We get a puzzle from Bannsider around once a month, and every month that puzzle is never less than bloody marvellous. I’m pleased to say that this month is no exception.

1 RAN TAP<,ICE – PATNA RICE. Getting the RICE bit was easy enough but “Let water flow” I found very tricky.
6 W,REST – simple and deceptive.
9 A HEAD O,FO(N)E’S,TIME – got this from the def and crossing letters and worked out the wordplay later.
10 TIE,POLO – “incompatible” because you can’t wear a TIE with a POLO (shirt or neck).
11 T(I,PC)ART – “pro” is short for prostitute, and “right on” is PC (politically correct).
15 PI,[-h]ERO – PI is an irrational number.
17 FRI,CAS(SE)E – “Sat predecessor” for FRI is very good.
18 DHA[-l],N,(ASK)* – I think the N comes from “and” (as in fish ‘n chips)
20 AA in (LURKS)* – KURSAAL. Not come across this word before so it was the last one to go in, once I’d confirmed it in Google.
24 THONG with the O replaced with I – “zip” can mean zero, nothing, nada.
25 (MCC MOROSE)* – SOCCER MOM. A US term, hence MOM rather than MUM.
1 PLAN[-e]T
2 THE DEVIL STAT TOO – THE DEVIL’S TATTOO is a tapping of the fingers or feet.
3 I in (A HIDEOUS LP)* – AUDIOPHILES. Clever &lit.
4 IN F(R)ONT,FO< – IN FRONT OF. The govt dept is the Foreign Office (FO).
5 STERN with the ST moved down – ERNST.
6 hidden in “shoW ASh” – Ash are a popular beat combo. You don’t need to know that to solve the clue but it makes the surface reading make a bit more sense.
7 (MIME ARTIST USED A)* – EMIRATES STADIUM, where Arsenal play.
8 TWENTY-ONE(?) – can’t work this one out at all: “As many as six x-ray screens “jumping””.
12 POP(L)ACROSS,E – not completely sure I’ve got this right but I think that “Ford” is used as a verb here as it can mean to wade across a river or stream. POP-LACROSSE seems to be a non-contact, junior version of lacrosse.
13 INSIDE OUT – this is very cleverly done: “thoroughly” is the def and the “batters” in cricket are the side that are in, or INSIDE.
14 WHI(SKY MA)C – great use of “drunk” as a containment indicator.
19 S,BONK (going up) – if I’ve read this right, “do the other” is BONK.
21 initial letters of “Moines And New York Line” (going up) – LYNAM, a famous Des.
23 odd letters of “FrIdGe” – FIG.

3 Responses to “Independent 7010/Bannsider (Prize puzzle 04-04-09)”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    8d ‘screens’ is a ‘contained within’ indicator and ‘jumping’ is an ‘inversion’ (or reversal) indicator so you get: yar-X XIs and, of course, XXI is ‘twenty-one’.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Very tough and challenging with some real gems and innovative clueing. I thought DHANSAK was finish off broth i.e. (h and ask)* with cooks as anag indicator. In 12 down, I thought without being 100% sure that Ford briefly = pop across.

  3. Bannsider says:

    Thanks once again to Neil Dubya for his flattering comments and to Eimi for his broad-minded editorship. Especially as I suspect this puzzle bordered on the unfair with the crossing of PIERO and POP-LACROSSE, each with rather dastardly clueing devices. So I apologise to those who may have failed to crack the obscurities. All those dishes and artists were a co-incidence, as was the fact that “TWENTY-ONE” appears in my 21st Indy puzzle.

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