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Independent 7,018/Nimrod

Posted by Ali on April 14th, 2009


Slightly unexpected to see Nimrod on a Tuesday – I was hoping for something a little easier on the first day back after a long weekend! I struggled with the corners on this one and there are a few bits and pieces where explanations will be required (especially in the NE corner)

8 GIVE IN – I’VE in GIN – ‘Trapped’ as in ‘in a trap’
9 APPLETON – APPLET,ON – ref. Edward Victor, the physicist
10 DON – N,DO rev.
11 FIDDLE – Double def. ‘Do’ as in ‘con’
12 IMPROPER – IMP,ROPER – A nice clue
14 PEEWIT – PEE,WIT – Very tricky. I initially guessed PARROT!
16 CONCEALED WEAPON – CO,(NEW DEAL CAPONE)* – Not sure why ‘repeatedly’ appears in the definition here
19 STARRY – YR,RATS rev.
21 NACHOS – I think this is AN rev. (‘one misguidedly’) + CHOS[-e]
24 ARMAGNAC – (ANAGRAM)*,C – ‘Self-descriptive anagram’ was very clever here
26 SANITY – Not sure on this one – ‘what’s normal for oomph and more oomph to ring in New Year?’
27 ALP – A,LP
29 ALLICE – ALL,ICE – Cryptic def.
1 PIPING HOT – PIP + 0 in (NIGHT)*
2 LEAD-IN – Cryptic def.
4 RANI – Got this from the checking letters, but I can’t work out where there’s a letter removed!
6 VERONICA – Presume this is a doube def, but am not sure of the symphonic reference
7 LOVER – R after LOVE
14 PIETY – E in PITY I think, though not sure why ‘the tab’ would be E
17 COTTAGER – AG in COTTER – I didn’t know that a cotter was a pin, but fortunately do know that Fulham play at Craven Cottage!
20 RENEGE – Hidden reversal in thE GENERation…
22 CANDLE – [-zodia]C,AND,LE[-o]
23 GREED – [-de]GREED
25 CAEN – I think this is EN (French for ‘in’) on C (clubs) and A (source of ‘apples’)!

9 Responses to “Independent 7,018/Nimrod”

  1. Peter says:

    26 ac Sanity – sa = oomph, it = more oomph in ny

    4dn – I guess this is Iran with the I “deposed”

  2. IanW says:

    I think the reason for the inclusion of “found repeatedly here” in 16ac, is that all the weapons from Cluedo can be found hidden in the grid; either in two consecutive down lights, L-shapes, diagonally or simply hidden in 12ac.

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    6d I think this is N (name) in V (playing) EROICA (symphony). V=playing as in City v United.

    14d tab – a pill or drug esp Ecstasy (Chambers)

  4. mhl says:

    14a: One might refer to a tab (abbreviation of tablet) of ecstasy.

    6d: I think this is N in EROICA – I’m not sure where the V comes from, though… “mentioned” somehow?

    This was very tough, I thought, but maybe I’m having a bad day. Ironically I missed the reference to Java applets, although their irritations were foremost in my mind while doing the crossword :)

  5. Ali says:

    Thanks for the explanations. And very, very well spotted on the Cluedo weapons. I would never have got that!

  6. Richard Palmer says:

    7D is legover without eg.
    I found this very hard, especially the NE corner. I didn’t spot the Cluedo weapons (or the French towns yesterday).

  7. Pat says:

    Take a bow, IanW. That’s a wonderful spot about the Cleudo weapons. A tough puzzle, but a wonderfully inventive creation from Nimrod

  8. nmsindy says:

    I failed with this at the very end, perhaps because of a life lived in total ingorance of the Cluedo weapons (though I’d heard of the board game of course). The unusual grid made me suspect something was going on, but I did not twig it.

  9. Allan_C says:

    Yes, very tricky, but satisfying once completed. Missed the Cluedo nina, though.
    Nice bit of consecutive clueing for 13 & 14 ac, with ‘a gents’ suggesting ‘pee’.
    But I was misled in 7 (thanks for the explanation, Richard) by “say” which set me trying to find a word with a ‘q’ in it (‘Romeo’ follows ‘Quebec’ in the phonetic alphabet). If that was a deliberate misdirection it was a good one!

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