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Financial Times 13,051 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on April 15th, 2009


A themed Cinephile for our entertainment today in which we were told that BP had the same meaning throughout. Once the theme had been determined (in my case from solving 7,8) the remaining clues became a lot easier than they appeared on the first read through. The theme was confirmed by 2d. A most enjoyable start to the day.
1 AMBUSH  AM BUSH (he’s ex-president)
4 INTIFADA  AD (publicity) A FIT (an appropriate) NI (Ulster) reversed
9 KIDNEY  KID (child) NEY (soldier) – Michel Ney, Marshal of France
10 SCOTLAND  COT (little house) in SLAND[er] (a lot of bad-mouthing)
12 APPARENT  A (first) PP (two pages) AREN’T (seem not to be)
13 PRIMAL  RIM (edge) in PAL (friend)
15,20 DARTMOOR  ROOM (accommodation) TRAD (traditional) reversed
16 BEWITCHING  WIT (intelligence) CHIN (BP) in BEG (ask)
23 CLOUDY  C (cold) LOUD (noisy) [part]Y
25 FREE HAND  FREE (without charge) HAND (BP)
27 HUGUENOT  U (university) in HUGE (large) NOT
28 LIVERY  dd
30 CHEEKS  dd

1 AWKWARD  KW (little power) in AWARD (prize)
2 BODY PARTS  *(DOPY) in BARTS (hospital)
3 SHEARS  SH (don’t talk) EARS (BPs)
5 NECK  dd
6 INTERACT  ER (hesitation) in INTACT (without reduction)
7,8 AN ARM AND A LEG  N[avy] in ARMADA (navy) in *(ANGLE)
11 KNEECAP  EEC (forerunner of EU) in KNAP (that of sack)
14 BIZARRE  I (first) Z (last) in BARRE[l] (bottomless container)
17 ISOGAMETE  IS O (love) GAME (sport) T[h]E (the heartless)
18 HEADGEAR  HEAD (BP) GEAR (transmitter)
19 WICKHAM  homophone of ‘Wycombe’ – High Wycombe, a town in Buckinghamshire and George Wickham
21 RED EYES  REDE (counsel) YES (that’s so)
22 PERISH  hidden in ‘whimPER IS How’
24 ORGAN  dd
26 FOOT  dd

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,051 / Cinephile”

  1. Octofem says:

    Hi Gaufrid. I solved this one at about eight this morning, so have just seen your blog. I too got the theme from 7,8 down, after trying Baden Powell, Brain Power and Blood Pressure!
    It was a fun puzzle imho.

  2. Agentzero says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. For me it was the CHIN in BEWITCHING that gave away the theme.

    In 1 across, I wasn’t sure whether “saying” was meant as a homophone indicator, i.e., whether the setter might have been going for a Texas-accented homophone (“Ah’m Bush”).

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Agentzero
    I’m sure you’re right about the homophone in 1a. I was never completely happy with the simple parsing given in the blog since to be grammatically correct it should be ‘I’m Bush’.

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