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Sloggers and Betters 5

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 15th, 2009


At long last, our 5th social gathering for the writers and fans of this blog and the puzzles behind it. Well actually “these blogs” – it’s equally open to folk from fifteensquared, Big Dave’s Telegraph blog, Tony Sever’s RTC3 and anyone else interested.

The visit of my old crossword sparring partner (and Times for the Times and fifteensquared blogger) yfyap (“Uncle Yap”) to London in May, all the way from Malaysia, and a small pub gathering about a week ago finally spurred me to get my finger out and organise this. I’ve already invited the bloggers and all the setters in my address book, and we have about 20 people currently interested enough to want more information. My estimate is that we’ll end up with about 30 people at the pub and 20 to eat.

The date I’ve chosen is Thursday 21st May. We start at the Edgar Wallace Pub from about 5 pm onwards, followed by a c. 600m walk to … Loch Fyne fish restaurant for an 8 pm booking.

If you would like to come, and especially if you would like to dine (numbers need to be pretty accurate), please e-mail me – SB5(put the at sign here)

If you’ve never been before and can’t guess for yourself what might be like, Googling for “sloggers and betters” will find you some information, including pictures. And if you’re fed up with these always being in London … organise one somewhere else!

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