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Inquisitor 119 – Offcut by Hypnos

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 17th, 2009


This started as a placeholder post.

This was a pretty straightforward puzzle – I managed to see through the trick of making the source of the quote much longer than the quote itself, and identified the theme fairly quickly. The extra letters from clue wordplays spelled: “Their soul abhorred – Psalm one hundred and seven.”

What their soul abhorred was “all manner of meat”, and the seven treated answers had meats deleted before entry. The famous vegetarian to be found in the grid was Pythagoras (10th row).

Solving time: not recorded, but maybe 2 hours

1 (PORK)BARREL – P((c)ORK,B)ARREL – parrel = a band for fastening a yard to a mast. I’m sure my namesake George would have understood.
16 F(LAMB)OYANT – FLAM,BOY,ANT=six-footer
7 (BEEF)EATER – B(EEF = fee(=property) rev.)EATER
10 SUBNI(VEAL) = (bins value)*
14 TICK(i)S = TI(CK)KIS – a tiki is a Polynesian stone image representing an ancestor.
15 STROBI(r)C – BORT in SIR,C – bort = diamond dust
24 WHAT(a)NA – HAT in WAN,A
26 SESA(b)ME – S.E.,SABME=Lapp
28 PALO(h)ALTO – (ALOHA,H) in P.T.O. = read further
39 EVASI(d)ON – EVA,SIDON – Just realised that “old city” could be Sidon as well as the Sion which nearly made me ask where the D came from.
44 (m)ESKERS – SKER=scour in MESS. Eskers are ridges formed by glacial deposits (moraines essentially), but my memory of A-level Geog says they’re lowland ones – the kinds that make Finland’s lakes.
4 ELS(h)AN – S(wis)H in ELAN – an Elsan is a chemical toilet – I think we had one in a caravan when I was young.
15 STRONTIAN+(e) = (artist, none)*
17 DES(d)MID = DES,D=degree,DIM rev.
25 NAUT(d)ILI – NAUT=aunt*,DILI(gent)
35 NOL(e)LS – NO.,L,(Ernie) ELS

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 119 – Offcut by Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Very enjoyable puzzle. Hardest part was finding the word ABHORRED with some tricky clues in that part of the puzzle. The breakthrough was finding the second meat to be removed (VEAL in my case). It also looked as if SALMON might be part of the message for a while which could be juxtaposed with the meat perhaps.

    Re the placeholder above, the seventh meat (TURKEY) has been omitted, I think.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    Golfer -> ELS should be banned.

  3. Hypnos says:

    Thanks for the blog and comments.

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