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Financial Times 13,057 / Dogberry

Posted by Gaufrid on April 22nd, 2009


A pleasurable solve today despite the limited interconnection between the four corners of the grid. Hard in places and a few uncommon words, for which I have given the Chambers’ definitions below.


1 ADDUCE  AD (modern) DUCE (Italian leader)
4 HARDWARE  *(DRAW) in HARE (field-dwelling animal)
9 DIVINE  dd
10 FARMYARD  ARMY (soldiers) in FARD (makeup) – fard: white paint for the face
12 CARCANET  ARCANE (accessible to few) in CT (court) – a collar of jewels
15 THEW  T (time) HEW (to put an axe to) – muscle or strength
16 BURNISH  URN (vessel) in BISH (error) – bish: blunder or mistake
20 BAVARIA  V[andals] in *(ARABIA)
21 TUTU  dd
25 RENNET  TENNER (note) reversed
26 KNEE-JERK  KNEE (joint) JERK (strips of beef)
28 ANIMATOR  A ROT (rubbish) AMIN (dictator) reversed
29 THRASH  dd
30 HEDGEHOG  EDGE (to creep) in HH (hotels) GO (turn) reversed
31 ARGENT  GEN (dope) in ART (craft)

1 ABDICATE  AB (sailor) DI (Inspector) CATE (Blanchett)
2 DIVORCEE  OVID (poet) reversed RC (Catholic) EE (Cummings)
3 CANCAN  CAN CAN (bogs)
5 AJAR  A JAR (a drink)
6 DEMOLISH  *(MOLE) in DISH (meal)
7 AVANTI  A (one) V (in opposition) ANTI (in opposition)
8 ENDURE  END (stop) URE (river)
11 REFUSAL  F (loud) US (American) in REAL (very, American)
17 PALEFACE  FE (iron) reversed in PALACE (pile)
18 NUMERATE  *(TRUE MEAN) – &lit
19 BUCKSHOT  BUCKS HOT (rabbit’s in season)
22 BREACH  RE (regiment) in BACH (composer)
23 UNKIND  UN (a, in French) KIND (child, in German)
24 WETHER  WET (ineffectual) HER (woman) – a castrated ram
27 BOHO  HOBO (tramp) with the two halves interchanged – a bohemian

One Response to “Financial Times 13,057 / Dogberry”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. As you say, some unusual words [CARCANET, THEW, FARD] but impeccable cluing made them solvable.

    I enjoyed this [my favourite clues being, I think, DIVORCEE and HEDGEHOG] but didn’t quite manage to finish, having, inexplicably, put in RENNIN for 25ac.

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