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Financial Times 13,048 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on April 23rd, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of 11 April
Cincinnus gives us another very fine puzzle. Every clue is technically perfect (as usual) and a good few are impressive.

1. NEWSREEL – NEWS (four ways) + REEL (dance)
6. PLASMA – L (left) in PA’S MA (granny)
9. DIRECT – double definition. One of the best!
10. REASSERT – anagram of STAR SEER
11. STEP – PETS (favourites) backwards
12. EXPRESSWAY – EXPRESS (say) + WA + [jul]Y. I am a little surprised to see what I think of as a very American word in a British puzzle but this is a fine clue that, at a stretch, could be interpreted as an &lit.
14. ADHERENT – anagram of HEAD + RENT (cost of accommodation)
16. EASY – double definition
18. LIMA – I’M (Cincinnus is) in LA (the French)
19. RIVETING – double definition
21. BUNKER HILL – BUNKER (absconder) + H[ead] + ILL (indisposed)
22. ORFF – homophone (“off”, as some would pronounce it)
24. PROVIDES – anagram of DISPROVE
26. ORANGE – O (duck) + RANGE (something found in kitchen)
27. PSYCHE – P.S. (I forgot to say) + Y[ou] C[an] H[ave] E[volutionary]
28. YARMOUTH – ARM (prepare for conflict) in YOUTH (young man)

2. ELIOT – ELI (Old Testament priest) + OT (Old Testament). Most excellent.
3. STEEPLEJACK – P (page) in STEELE (essayist) + JACK (means of raising)
4. EXTREMES – EX (former) + T (time) + REME (soldiers) + S[et]
6. PLATES – double definition
7. ASS – A S[illy] S[ausage]. A gem of an &lit.
8. MORTAL SIN – MORTALS (people) + IN (at home)
13. SWEET POTATO – anagram of WE STOP TO EAT
15. DAIQUIRIS – DAI (Welshman) + QUI (who in Paris) + R (river) in IS (is)
17. EVILDOER – anagram of IDOL in EVER (always)
20. BRIDLE – homophone (“bridal”)
23. FIGHT – L[indbergh] removed from FLIGHT (aviation)
25. VAC – VAC[ation]

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