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Independent 7022/Scorpion (Prize puzzle 18-04-09)

Posted by neildubya on April 24th, 2009


Tough but fair, as always with this setter. The NW corner gave me lots of problems but I got there in the end with just one answer I’m not completely sure about at 4d.

6 [-t]RUFFLE
9 PORT(LINES)S – Nice clue. I especially like “punishment at school” = LINES.
10 L[-ar]YNX
11 HERE,N in (TREE HAD)* – HERE AND THERE. Cleverly done, as I thought that “irregularly” was going to be part of the wordplay, rather than the definition.
13 G,RID
18 CREE[-d]
20 RAG,STOR(I,CH)ES – RAGS TO RICHES. The definition must be “monetary increase” but I’m not sure what “unlikely” is doing, other than adding to the surface reading.
23 hidden reversed in “dEMO Tape” – Very cleverly worded.
24 IN HOT WATER – double definition.
25 T,R(US)T,Y
2 LOOT – the play by Joe Orton, and sound like “lute”.
4 PLIERS(?) – not sure if this is right but can’t see what else might fit. Assuming it is right then I can’t work out the wordplay although it looks like it could be a cryptic def?
6 ID in A USER (going up),L – RESIDUAL. Shouldn’t “returning”, if it’s indicating a reversal, only be used in an across clue?
7 FI(L)T,H
8 L,ONE,R,ANGER – “opposing sides” are Left and Right.
12 (TOUR)*,ADO in RUB (going up) – I liked “song and dance” for ADO.
15 NEC,S in (YEARS)* – NECESSARY. A somewhat unexpected answer (for me at least) but NECESSARY is a colloquial term for money required for a special purpose.
16 I(COLE)V (going up),T[-otall]Y – VELOCITY. The England footballer is either Joe or Ashley COLE.
19 (THE WIR[-e])* – WHITER
22 MEN,U

5 Responses to “Independent 7022/Scorpion (Prize puzzle 18-04-09)”

  1. Allan_C says:

    I couldn’t work out the wordplay for 4 either. “Raised gripping” certainly suggests pliers which usually have raised strips across the jaws. Possibly L (labourer’s side) in PIERS, but why should piers remain?

  2. Testy says:

    What was the clue for 4?

    Regarding directionality in down clues I tend to go with something that I think Don M mentions in his book. To paraphrase, you can easily argue that the answer to the clue is the word written conventionally (i.e. horizontally) it’s just that, in the case of a down clue, when you come to fill the answer in the grid you have to write it vertically. But that doesn’t preclude the setter from also taking the other view and writing a clue which does rely on the fact that the answer is written vertically. Anything goes (almost).

  3. Allan_C says:

    “They remain by labourer’s side, having special raised gripping?”

  4. Allan_C says:

    Got it! LIE (=remain) by R (labourer’s side) with SP< gripping (i.e round LIE+R). Thanks, Testy, for getting me to look at it again.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Very tough puzzle, as one expects from Scorpion, with intricate wordplay. I wonder if I was the first person to complete it, finishing it before 7 30 AM on Saturday on a red-eye flight. It was a pleasing moment when I saw how PLIERS worked, as Allan_C has explained above. Thanks for HERE AND THERE – I did not see how the AND THERE part worked but now I know.

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