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Everyman 3264

Posted by Arthur on 26th April 2009


As always, a well-clued easy puzzle particularly suited to newcomers to cryptic crosswords. I have reservations with 6dn in that it makes very little/no sense in its surface reading. As far as i can tell it requres you to read “mounts” as a plural noun as in “I bought two mounts yesterday.” and “jumps racetrack” as a compound noun as in “I prefer the jumps racetrack to the flat racetrack”. The wordplay works fine but there’s no point if the clue doesn’t make sense as a sentence.

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Azed 1925: a generous offering

Posted by bridgesong on 26th April 2009


I found this puzzle even easier than the previous week’s, mainly thanks to the grid. Although there are several words where the initial letter is unchecked, the overall checking is so generous that it would be churlish to complain. There are two four letter words at 16 and 31 across which are fully checked, and seven letter words at 12 and 35 across with only one unchecked letter. I suspect that there is little in the wording of this week’s clues to cause controversy (unlike some recent puzzles) but we shall see. Solving time : about two hours
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