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Private Eye/Cyclops 389 – Mock election

Posted by beermagnet on April 27th, 2009


One of those where I couldn’t get the last couple for days.   22D was the bugbear.  The eureka moment when I finally thought of RAG for “mock” was nice, but I’m glad I didn’t have to blog this as a daily because there’s no way I could’ve got this without coming back to it fresh.   I suspect that’s where I differ from the fast or competitive solvers – sometimes when I get  stuck on a clue and can’t see it what it’s saying from the right perspective, I need a big long break in order to look at it anew without going down the same train of thought yet again.

On a completely different subject:  One thing that’s fun to do is to take the Eye crossword’s answers and make up spurious headlines.  Example:

Hillary in Sordid Presidency Power Struggle

Any other offerings?

8 PRIVATES PRIMATES replace M (first of medieval) with V (against)
9 SUMMIT MM (Mrs Mop’s tops) inside SUIT (business exec)
10 MEDICINE BALLS (IS CLEAN LIMBED)* AInd: rocky Quite a tricky anagram even though well indicated. Medicine Balls is one of the Eye’s longest running and most critically acclaimed features. For many years “M.D.” has produced this dirt-raking column – then again, there’s probably a lot of dirt to rake out of the NHS if only because it’s so big. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many who subscribe to the Eye primarily for this section. I’ll be interested to see his take on the current “Margaret Heywood” scandal.
11 FOSSIL F[inancier] I inside (LOSS)* AInd: bad
12 EYE DROPS EYE (organ) DROP (subside) S[mall]
14 HILLARY [Prince] HAR[r]Y around ILL (off colour) The Clinton who is now Secretary of State. I did try to make Chelsea work for a while … Full Clue:
Prince not right about off-colour Clinton?(7)
16 SMASHER S[ky] MASHER (pap producer)
19 STUFFING STUFF (whatsits) IN G[ood]
21 SORDID RD (way) and I (Cyclops) inside SOD (bugger) Last one to go in. Shoud’ve got it earlier, but the tough crossing 22D (see below) foxed me
24 JOINTS IN inside JOTS (bits)
25 INTERACT [cl]INT[on] (Clinton’s guts) (REACT)* AInd: badly
1 TROMBONIST T[ime], (BRO[w]N I MOST)* AInd: upset
2 EVADES (S,E, DAVE)< S,E (two ways) DAVE (Cameron familiarly)
3 STICKLER L[ewinsky] inside STICKER (insistent type)
4 ASUNDER [Obam]A, SUN (tabloid), (RED)<
5 USABLE [b]US[h] (Bush’s guts) then ABLE (having what it takes)
6 IMPLORES (PM)< (Brown to reverse) (ROLE)* AInd: new all inside IS
7/23 PISSPOOR PISS (beer) POOR (underprivileged) Sigh Yet again Cyclops equates beer with piss. I’m beginning to think he’s doing it to wind me up!
13 PRESIDENCY P[alin] RESIDENCY (official address)
15 LEFT WING DD One of which is excellent. Full clue:
Didn’t put away all the chicken Labour party traditionalists? (4,4)
17 MISQUOTE M[ale] (QUITE SO)* AInd: screwed up
18 EGO TRIP E.G. (say) O (love) TRIP (a tumble)
20 INRUSH IN (elected), R (king), [b]USH (ex-President loses lead)
22 REGARD (RAG)< (mock) inside RED (cardinal, say) This was tough. The Definition “Eye” in italics misleads you to think that it is a reference to the magazine rather than a relatively straightforward synonym. The almost extraneous “say” to define RED (cardinal, say), which often leads to “E.G.” as elsewhere in this puzzle, also mislead me, especially as the G in REGARD was a readily available checked letter. Full clue:
Eye shows cardinal, say, holding mock erection (6)

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 389 – Mock election”

  1. Handel says:

    Thanks for the blog. Most of this went in quickly enough (Paddington to Reading) with the last couple taking a bit longer (finished just before Oxford).

    I too found 22d tough, as the ‘eye’ definition was misleading in the context of a PE crossword. The ‘say’ in that clue is necessary in my view, as the solver needs a general term (red) from the specific term that is given (cardinal).

    Another enjoyable puzzle.

  2. ManfromBamberg says:

    I was introduced to the PE crossword by a work colleague just over 5 years ago. At that time I had tried the Telegraph crossword about 6 times a year but I have really got into the PE crossword.At first I was lucky if I could get more than 3 clues out but over the years I have got familiar with Brian= Prince Charles, Brenda = ER , piss =ale or beer or anagram indicator or urine etc. Usually I get about 10 clues out quickly, 10 with a bit more thought by which time most of the crossing letters are in place and I’m usually left with 2 which I may or may not get out. And so to this one. I scanned the acrosses and downs -nothing. I scanned again – nothing. I really thought I might not get one out. I slowly went over the acrosses and downs again -absolutely nothing. I then realised that 1d must be anagram though I couldn’t get the answer -was it player in the sense of “footballer” or even the name of a footballer? Eventually-forgive me Father for I have sinned- I used an anagram solver. I then recalled medicine balls thought interestingly that did not feature in this Eye. Last in was 16a. Well done to anyone who got 3d without checking letters “Insistent type, Bill, when stradding Lewinsky’s head.” I had Bill =Clinton =Ac =cotton=cash=banknote. I must have submitted over 100 crosswords but have never won a prize -it’s not the money , just the kudos I’m after.

  3. Bellers says:

    100 submissions and not yet won, eh, ManFromBamberg? states that Eye circulation for this time last year was 205000. suggests that 10% of readers attempt the crossword. Say half of those manage to complete the grid, and half of those again remember to send in the answers, then we have 5000 submissions to the Eye for each edition. So I expect you to win once every 200 years! Don’t lose heart.

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