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Financial Times 13,062 / Neo

Posted by Agentzero on April 28th, 2009


Another good puzzle from Neo. Some good cryptic definitions in this one.

1 LACHESIS LA (at Harfleur, “the”) + I in CHESS (game that targets king).  One of the three Fates of Greek myth
6 GI JOES I (international) J (judge) in GOES
9 VIENNA VIE (fight) + ANN reversed (“girl over”)
10 AS IT WERE SIT in AWE (admiration) + RE (soldiers)
11 FLAY F (fellow) LAY (amateur)
12 UNDERSCORE d&cd, SCORE being 20.  I am using “d&cd” to mean a double definition, one of which is cryptic.  I think Gaufrid has pioneered this use.
16 NEED oNE (“one” with its “introduction denied”) ED (senior journalist)
18 ET AL LATE (behind schedule) reversed
19 DORMOUSE DO (party) + M (Mike) in ROUSE (wake).  A Lewis Carroll reference
21 NECROPOLIS *(IN OLD CORPSE minus D) (“undead”)
22 SACK dd This was simple but elegant, I thought
24 BREZHNEV *(HaViNg BEER with Z)  Zulu is Z in the NATO phonetic alphabet
26 AGE-OLD E in A GOLD (a metal)
27 THRONE Homophone of “thrown”
28 RESTRICT *(CRITTERS) A very natural surface
2 AXIAL A (very good) XI (side) AL (edges in “Ansell”)
3 HENRY MILLER cd The author of Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
4 SEA QUAIL I think this is simply QUAIL (another similar bird) under SEA (“underwater”).  If so, using QUAIL to generate SEA QUAIL in a charade is not very exciting.  This has the feel of an editor’s late substitution
5 STAND AND DELIVER cd, and a nice one.  Said by highwaymen to the travellers they accosted.  Most famously, perhaps, by notorious lupin thief Dennis Moore.
6 GOITRE IT in GORE (coagulated blood)
7 JAW JA (European agreement) supported by W (Welsh)
13 CONNOISSEUR *(NERO’S COUSIN) By eerie coincidence, an extremely similar clue appears in today’s Chifonie in the Guardian
17 TRESPASS SPA (resort) in TRESS (lock)
20 SPONGE dd
23 COLIC *(OIL) in CC (small measure)
25 ZOO Z (Zebra, this time from the RAF phonetic alphabet) OO (circles).  The word zoo was originally a shortened form of “zoological garden”

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,062 / Neo”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Agentzero

    I agree with you about 4dn. I spent a minute or two trying to work AQUA into the clue but decided there was nothing more to it than you suggest.

  2. Agentzero says:

    Hi Eileen. Yes, there were some opportunities with AQUA: maybe “Bring up stories about pale blue bird.”

  3. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    Re similar anagrams in two crosswords today, please see my comment (No. 144) in Chat Room: General Crossword Discussion.

  4. Eileen says:

    Re comment 1: it was the ‘under water’ that got me going on that.

    Smiffy referred us to Dennis Moore a few days ago, with regard to lupins. I again urge you to look at the video, if you haven’t seen it already – or even if you have!

  5. Dave H says:

    Completed after the Guardian so 13d a write in to get started. Got in a terrrible muddle with top right section as had IN RANK for 6a however with the conundrum of what I thought were conflicting 2 correct answers I went for JAW to be correct and started again. 3d did not know and I dont really like what I call general knowledge clues (as mine is not great especially literature) without another means of solving from the subsiduary parts. All sais enjoyable way to end the sfternoon

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