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Independent 7031/Phi

Posted by John on April 29th, 2009


What’s Phi doing on a Wednesday? There must be something devious lined up for Mayday on Friday, and no doubt we’ll be seeing Dac on Saturday. Or perhaps he just needs a holiday, for he certainly deserves one. In any case his sub today has maintained the usual Wednesday high standard with a good crossword that I found fairly easy, but which every now and then I perhaps didn’t fully appreciate.

1 BISH(op)
3 NAUTICAL — (a lunatic)*, nice &lit.
10 THE AFRICAN QUEEN — 1 in (each infrequent)*
12 natIONAlists
13 NERDISH — (hinders)* — I’m never quite comfortable with the equivalence of an adjective and a phrase like “being irritating”, but perhaps it’s just “irritating” and the “being” is merely padding
15 SH(A BB)Y
17 V I NOUS — but I’m not absolutely sure why: “vinous” means “relating to wine”, but is this the same as “drunk?”?
20 AC(N)E — what a good clue
21 POWERPLAY — (lawyer Pop)* — my first thought was that a powerplay was a word coined by the one-day cricket administrators and so was only tenuously pressure on defence, but a look in Chambers confirms that Phi has it absolutely right: “strong attacking play designed to put pressure on the defence, …”
24 WHERE EAGLES DARE — (see warhead glee)* around r{egiment}
25 BAKER LOO — for non-Brits, a line on the London Underground, and a little joke
26 H{eavil}Y P{romot}E — very clever
1 BOTSWANA — (wasn’t)* in boa
4 AMADEUS — not absolutely sure I’m seeing everything here: OK Amadeus was Mozart’s second name, and there’s “A” for “one” and “made us” for “got us”, but “a fortune?”?…
5 TEQUILA SUNRISE — (tisane liqueurs)*
7 LYNX — “links”
8 A FLEA IN ONE’S EAR — (none safe aerial)*
9 KIBOSH — (bish OK), bish being the answer to 1 Across
14 {b}RAIN CHECK — but how is a rain check a further engagement, when it seems only to be a ticket to a delayed engagement?
16 ETHYLENE — (then lye)* e{ngagement}
18 SOPRANO — “so piano” with r for i
19 DIWALI — (1 law I’d)rev.
23 SWAB — (baw{l}s)rev.

2 Responses to “Independent 7031/Phi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Re 4 down, I think it’s in the sense ‘that lottery win made us’.
    In NERDISH, ‘being’ is a link, I’d say, which also helps the surface reading.

    Dac may deserve a holiday, but I’m not sure if the Indy pays for them…

  2. eimi says:

    Unfortunately not, Nmsindy. Dac generously offered to take a holiday to allow me to accommodate other setters, but I wouldn’t hear of it. He’ll be in the paper some time this week.

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