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Inquisitor 121 BUILDING by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on May 1st, 2009


I’m usually worried when I can do 1 across immediately, but solving the clues here was pretty straightforward though I had a number of question marks about several of the across wordplays and one of the downs. These are now solved.

CAPUL (26D) only became designated as obsolete in the 2008 edition of Chambers, so those of us with the CD or older editions could not understand why the term “old nag” was used! 

Solving time: A quick one for me – about an hour and a half total, finished on Saturday morning, though it took much longer to sort out all the details for this blog!

We were to look in the finished grid for “A PLACE WHERE BONES ARE HOUSED“, this being the phrase yielded by initial letters of extra words in the Down clues. The unclued 5D was OS and the other two unclued items were 44A and 46A, SKULL and TIBIA, so we were clearly looking for bony hidden items and a place to put them.

Linking with skull and tibia were HUMERUS and SCAPULA as the “walls” of a “BUILDING” – rather like a childs drawing – and the  “roof” was “CHARNEL HOUSE“.  OS was the “chimney”, so that accounted for the asymmetrical 2, two 7s, two 5s and the the 12 letter 2 word phrase referred to in the rubric. The three 4s “in squares” represented the door and windows of the building and were “COXA” and “ULNA” for the windows and “RIBS” for the door. Very neat! 

       R  N  E  L  H  O      
     A              U    
   H                  S  
 C  U    C  O      U  L    C  E
   M    X  A      N  A    A  
   E                  P  
   R        R  I        U  
   U        B  S        L  
   S  K  U  L  L  T  I  B  I  A  
 9  STORES  S(on) + TORE
 10  SEEMS  EM in S(h)E(d)S
 12  THORNE  = novel by Trollop, flip the middle letters of THRONE (loo)
 15  OBOE  O + BO(n)E – theme item
 16  ROAM  = range, MA(y)OR reversed
 17  IRRUPT  IR(an) + RU + P(or)T. RU is in Chambers as the international vehicle registration for Burundi.
 18  HAWSERS  [WAS HER]* + S(tretch)
 22  LASH  double meaning, dialect word for soft and to lash is to bind the ends of ropes to prevent fraying
 24  CUZCO  = city in South America, CU + (i)Z(zard) + CO
 25  AULIC  = courtly (legal). [CALUI]* (chap Louis minus posh)
 28  MOXAS  Acupuncture aids – new word to me! MO + SAX reversed
 31  NATAL  This is Natal in Brazil (hence Atlantic port) [ATLAN(tic)]*
 33  LEVA  Leva is Bulgarian for lion according to Chambers, and is the Bulgarian monetary unit, hidden in YamboL EVAsively
 35  PEA SOUP  [(s)UPPOSE A(ustralia)]*
 36  ORBIER  = more round, [IRROBE]* – central (“essential”) letters of fire are sober
 40  ECUS  (b)EC(a)US(e)
 42  TUAN  Triple clue, “Master” and “Oz native” as definitions, [AUNT]*
 43  STILLS  S(oprano) + TILLS
 44  SKULL  unclued bone
 45  TIBIA  unclued bone
 47  OPEIDOSCOPES  = devices that turn sound into light. [COP EPISODES]* round O (11 as a Roman numeral). I hate these obsolete Roman numerals. Why does Chambers keep them in?  
      Extra word
 1  METRIC  MET (came across) + RIC(e)  Air
 2  STOA  O(ld) T(estament) in AS reversed (like erect!)  Pub
 3  ERNE  Spenserian word for yearn, ER (usually queen, not king) + NE  Loser
 4  VEERED  [EVER ED]*  Article
 5  OS  unclued bone  
 6  TEHR  = wild goat, [THE]* + R  Coypu
 7  OMBU  = a tree, but not from Burma, hidden in frOM BUrma  Er
 8  SEETHE  SEE + THE  Whingers
 11  EORL  EO (a game beloved of Inquisitor setters) + R + L  Hunted
 13  HO-HUM  = boring, HO (stop) + HUM (smell)  Emitting
 14  LIRA  = Turkish money, IR in LA  Rackets
 19  AZOV  = a sea, the good old ZO (zho, dso etc. for “cross”) in AV(ocat)  Entering
 20  SOAP  [OAP’S]*  Busybodies
 21  SUNS  SUN + S(pecial)  Oprah
 23  AITU  = a demigod, AIT (island) + U (as in U Thant for those of you that old!)  Newest
 26  CAPUL  = a horse (why old? see above), L (50) + UP (riding) + A + C(olt – an abbreviation I hadn’t come across before!) all reversed.  Elsie
 27  BLOTTO  B + L + OTT + O  Socialist
 29  SERB  S(v)E(n) R(o)B(s)  Another
 30  WAISTS  = bodices, WAS round I (current) + ST(one)  Ribbing
 32  LASSES  LA + SESS reversed  Employ
 34  AINU  = Japanese people, AIN (Scottish own) + U   Harvard
 37  BAKE  = a Scottish biscuit, B + AKE (old word for ache)  Oatmeal
 38  EILD  [LIED]*  Understated
 39  OTIC  O + TIC  Stops
 41  CLIP  = embrace, C (about) + LI (51) + P(eople)  Electioneering
 45  LO  OL(d) reversed  Dad

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 121 BUILDING by Loda”

  1. Quixote says:

    Before this gets buried, let me say that I really liked this. I don’t find time for the Indy Mag puzzle every week, but when I can knock it off in front of the telly on a Sat. evening and enjoy the penny-dropping (as here) it’s great fun.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    A couple of minor quibbles with the rubric (which caused a short delay in my finishing the highlighting): why use the word “squares” twice in the same sentence with different meanings – once as “cells” and once as geometrical shapes? And in the phrase “… 2(7)s, 2(5)s, 3(4)s, in squares, …” get rid of the comma before “in squares” since it refers only to the four-letter words, not to all those that preceded it in the list.

  3. Hihoba says:

    I agree. It put me off for a short time.

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