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Azed 1926

Posted by petebiddlecombe on May 3rd, 2009


Solving time: about 1 hour

Not too difficult, but not a giveaway. I worked without Chambers except for 10A, 18 and 3.

1 OBJECT=ai, LESS ON=more off. Pretty sure this was solved on first look.
10 A LI(ZARI)NE – a colouring first made from madder root, now synthetic. zari=embrodery using gold thread. Two new words for me in this one.
12 MOLA(r) – I knew mola = sun-fish, so both def and wordplay were clear.
13 GRAT(is) – solved from wordplay, not knowing or guessing that grat is past tense of greet=to weep
14 BOG(BE)AN – def was plausible or vaguely familiar, bogan=backwater not.
15 MOIRA – (A grim trio – girt)* def (Moira=a fate) was familiar
16 UPTRAIN = (purtian)*
18 SKE(win)G – solved from wordplay. skeg=the kind of fin you get on a boat or surfboard, not on a fish.
20 O(R)DEA,L – pretty much a daily paper clue
22 CA,POTS=stop rev. def remembered from playing piquet, where a capot is a bonus of 40 for scoring 40 for a hand before the other player has chalked up a point
24 JANE – 2 defs, one jean=fabric
26 ROSETTY – TT in (yes or)*. Solved from wordplay – roset/rosit/rozet/rozit = Scots word for rosin, and roset(t)y is the corresponding adjective.
29 DO=make,ON=covering,A – a doona turns out to be an Aussie duvet
30 G.R.(ABBA),G. abba = father, as applied to God.
31 (d)OSSI(er) – fairly easy if you remember talk of ossies and wessies from German reunification.
32 TI(G)E – the shaft of a column
33 PROTESTOR = (retro spot)* – easy def and wordplay here
34 WI(THERE)DNES,S – I liked “look yonder” for “There!”
2 B,LOOP – bloop = a howling sound on a soundtrack or radio
3 JI(L)G,IE – jilgie=a crayfish – new for me.
4 CAJEPUT = (puja etc.) puja is an act of Hindu worship – so one of those surfaces that works best after lloking up a word. caju/eput is a pungent aromatic oil which seemed vaguely familiar.
5 TRE(ATIS=it as)E
6 LION = (N,oil) rev.
7 ENEMA – hidden word. Cheeky def, so to speak, the fundament being (informal) the buttocks/anus
8 SH(R)INE – last of four easy downs which I think were an encouraging follow-up to getting 1A straight off
10 A,M(B)USCA,DOS. Hardest part of wordplay is probably Musca = the house-fly genus.
11 STALLENGER = tall=remarkable in greens*. A stallenger was someone who paid to trade in a borough where he was not a freeman
17 ROSTRATE = (to arrest)*. Well there must be a word for “having a beak” and this is it. Turns out that the original rostrum (in the Roman forum) was adorned with the beaks of captured ships. And these beaks were ramming spikes attached to the ships’ prows.
19 KAROSHI – sudden death from overwork – (working so hard – done for)*
23 P(R)OSIT – prosit = a German drinking toast
25 AL(BIT)E – wordplay works, and leads to a rock ending in -ite. We don’t really need to check it do we?
27 SABRE – a rather subtle hidden word indicated by the removal of an anagram of the rest of the phrase – comes abreast / some act. A compound unanagram?
28 LA(G)OS – apparently Portugal has a Lagos too.
30 GOO,R – simple wordplay for this unrefined can sugar (Hindi).

6 Responses to “Azed 1926”

  1. liz says:

    Thanks for the blog, Peter. I managed to finish this, relying heavily on Chambers. Today’s Spoonerisms are proving a lot more challenging!

  2. Jake says:

    I found this rather tough. having 9dn as O=(nothing) varie=(different) + s = end of glands.
    I was too keen to put answers in without double checking….

    Oh well.

    Win some, lose some.

  3. Peter Biddlecombe says:

    Jake: getting this one wrong you have an excuse – the “from/form” misprint which I only just saw in the clue. But unless you think the clue is an &lit, the def. has to be separate from the wordplay. If your answer is OVARIES, “glands” or “reproductive glands” must be the def, and cannot participate in the wordplay. (varié=different): ingenious from French, but one to either check or put in very light pencil.

  4. Jake says:

    Peter – Thank you for the wordplay here. This is only my 3rd Azed, and, putting a wrong answer in (in black biro !) didn’t help, I also had 27dn as CADRE for some reason ? So I could not finish 20ac, 24ac, 26ac (which I knew was JEAN – but could not fit it) and 25dn.

    Thank you once again Sir, I’ll use pencil from now on…

    Have a good Bank Holiday.


  5. Andrew K says:

    Sorry Peter, for a cryptic newcomer, why does object=ai? (1ac)

  6. Andrew says:

    Andrew K – “ai” is a typo in the blog: the word in the clue is “aim”, which = “object”, as e.g. in “my object/aim is to finish this crossword”

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