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Independent 7035 by Phi

Posted by NealH on May 4th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def

It’s fairly unusual for me to blog a Phi puzzle because they normally occupy the Friday slot. He’s actually one of my favourite compilers, with a straightforward clueing style and usually not too much reliance on obscure knowledge. This was very much up to the normal standard. I couldn’t see bank holiday related NINAs, although 14,17 might be intended to cheer us up as we look out at the pouring rain.

1 Waist Deep: (I step wade)*.
6 Smog: First letters of “some mist or gaseous”.
10 Deuce: I did put trump to start with but had to abandon it when it didn’t fit with anything else. The actual answer is a reference to tennis (advantage follows deuce).
11 Grapeshot: Gapes about r + hot. The definition refers to being peppered with grapeshot.
12 Oregano: Or + (on age)<.
13 Enlarge: General*.
14,17 Every cloud has a silver lining: (Originally clues in verse had)* around v, which is a valid abbreviation for verse in biblical quotations etc.
21 Daimler: Aim + l in Der (which is German for “the”).
22 Glitter: Litter after g[old].
24 Chairlift: Chair + lit around f[ail].
25 Ozone: Oz on E.
26 Duet: Due + t[hird].
27 Road sense: Or< + (ends sea)*.
1 Wide Open: Wide (cricket extra) + Open (as in The Open golf tournament).
2 In use: IE around NUS (Nat Unon of Students).
3 The Ladykillers: They around lad + killers. Actually the name of two films – the original as well as an uninspiring Hollywood remake.
4 Egg roll: EG + gr[i]ll around o.
5 Plateau: Pau[l] around late.
7 Maharishi: Ham< + a + irish*.
8 Gutter: The question mark implies a CD, although it could just be a double def (place for the impoverished=gutter and fish worker=gutter).
9 Health visitors: (leav[e] this or this)*.
15 Eradicate: Era die around cat.
16 Aggrieve: Aggr[o] + i eve.
18 Vernier: CD/DD reference to Jules Verne and the vernier scale of measurement.
19 Regatta: Great* + ta.
20 Educed: [R]educed.
23 Troon: R in Toon. Troon is a Scottish golf course where The Open is sometimes played.

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  1. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyable puzzle, quite easy, I thought. Yes, 8 is a double definition, I think.

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