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Financial Times 13,068 / Crux

Posted by Agentzero on May 5th, 2009


Some good clues, but also a few that I had questions about.

1 TOTAL RECALL cd (or maybe I should call it an overlapping d&cd: “perfect memory” and “memory for sums?”)  
7 ALE Simple clue, but also a very natural surface
9 TRUER TRUE (I think) R (runs).  Any insight into this clue would be appreciated.  Several Google searches left me no wiser as to whether Robert, John, Bobby or even Emma Peel ever owned a dog named True.
10 UNSHEATHE Hidden in sUN’S HEAT HEre
11 RAIN DANCE cd.  It may rain when there is an atmospheric depression
12 HASTE CHASTE (modest) without C.  “Expedition” in the sense of speed.
13 ANT EGGS *(gnats eg)
18 KNEE dd
20 MAY BE SO MA (scholar) *(OBEYS).  In my opinion, it’s a flaw, not a feature, that “perhaps” is serving as both anagrind and definition here.  Also, I thought it should have been enumerated (5,2).
23 REEVE RE (about) EVE (the First Lady).
24 CONSTABLE CON (prisoner) STABLE (secure)
26 TOAST RACK cd (“soldiers” are pieces of toast)
27 THANE THE (an article) around AN (another article).
28 ROT Because TOMMYROT also means nonsense
1 TUTORIAL *(OUT) in TRIAL (test)
2 TOURISTS SIR (teacher) reversed in TOUTS (pedlars).
4 EQUINES cd, sort of.
5 AUSTERE AUSTE[n] (Jane’s detailed) RE (note).  I liked this clue.
6 LIES HEAVY LIES (deceit) HEAVY (hard to bear)
7 ARTIST *(TRAITS) refers to the answer for 24ac, CONSTABLE.
8 ELEVEN Hidden, after translation into Roman numerals, in meXIco.  I hadn’t seen this interesting device before.
14 GINGER TOM GINGER (red-haired) TOM (not a queen).  A type of cat.  Is there a definition here?
16 KEYBOARD KEY (vital) BOARD (food).  Is a keyboard found “on” a computer, as opposed to “attached” to one?
17 BODE WELL B (Blake’s first) ODE (poem) on WELL (spring)
19 ENCHANT [p]ENCHANT (“liking,” free of P for pressure).  “mere” is relevant only to the surface here
20 MANIKIN KIN (family) headed by MAN (husband) and I
21 WRITER Odd letters of WoRk In ThEoRy
22 TENANT TENT (temporary accomodation) housing AN
25 TITHE IT reversed (“goes up”) on THE

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,068 / Crux”

  1. shuchi says:

    Hello Agentzero,

    Thanks for the blog. I had the same experience as you with 9A – learnt about many Peels, but no dog True.

    14D: I’ve seen this kind of clue before where a literal alternative is given to an expression, with a “not really” added to it. Somehow I don’t mind the missing definition here. I forget the source but a recent clue was: “Mickey’s mouth? Not exactly!” for MOUSETRAP.

    16D: “on” can mean attached to, I think. e.g. poster on the wall, buttons on the shirt. A laptop of course has the keyboard actually on it than attached to it.

    It took me a while to solve 8D, and was quite impressed with it.

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi Agentzero

    Re 9ac: a verse from the song ‘D’ye ken John Peel?

    ‘Yes I ken John Peel and Ruby too
    Ranter and Ringwood and Bellman and True…’

  3. Agentzero says:

    Shuchi, point well taken about the laptop!

    Eileen, I knew I could count on you! I thought the song went “. . . Bellman so true,” so that “true” was an adjective rather than the name of yet another dog, but a Google search for the lyrics returns results that are roughly split between the two versions. And there is a movie named Bellman and True, which has probably helped cement your version in public memory.

  4. Eileen says:

    Agentzero, that’s the version I remembered from school, so didn’t bother to look it up but I see now there are several instances of the other version, in Wiki, etc. I hadn’t heard of the film, though.

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