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Independent 7037 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on 6th May 2009


Solving time, 19 mins

* = anagram  < = reversal

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Financial Times 13,069 / Satori

Posted by Gaufrid on 6th May 2009


I found this a little tricky in places, particularly when trying to parse one or two of the clues. I was not too happy with 4d and 14d (see below), and 25d required the help of Google to determine the first definition (Grant originally). Surely the link between Grant and Leach cannot be considered general knowledge? The first definition for ‘buffalo’ in 19d was also rather obscure in that it involved the use of ‘buffalo’ as a verb, which needed Chambers for confirmation.

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Guardian 24,692/Brendan

Posted by Andrew on 6th May 2009


I was lucky enough to blog Brendan’s “note” puzzle a couple of weeks ago, and he produced an amazing puzzle yesterday in the Independent (as Virgilius); here he is again with a Pope-themed puzzle, with typically ingenious and sound clueing. I can only see 10 popes (shown in a suitably ecclesiatical purple font) in the grid, so I think JOHN PAUL must be the eleventh. Update: as Peter B points out, the 11th Pope is probably LEO NINE in 14ac.

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