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Enigmatic Variations No. 860 – AWOL by Kcit

Posted by Gaufrid on May 8th, 2009


A little more difficult than some EVs, with one or two clues holding me up for a short while and one quibble at 31d. I’m not sure I like being given a solving strategy so I tend not to read it until after I have completed the puzzle. However it is probably useful for those new to barred-grid puzzles.

What needed to be done to clues was clear from the preamble, though on first reading it seemed to indicate that all clues were affected rather than just five. However, this misconception was soon corrected after solving the first couple of clues.

For the unclued answers I have shown the interpretation and the clue affected.

*(XXX) – anagram
[x] – letter(s) removed/unused

1 SPARKS  PARK (to stop) in SS (on board)
6 SUMMERset  SUMMER (totter) set (apparatus) – set off (depart) – 38a
11 OPEN  OP (out of print) EN (printing unit)
12 OISE  [p]OISE (carriage losing power)
13 RE-ENTER  RE[s]ENTER (bitter persons not succeeded)
15 IMIDE  MID (junior officer) in IE (that is)
16 NEURITE  NE (not, obsolete) IT in URE (use, historically)
20 beSIDES  [ash]eS in bIDES (remains) – be off (scat) – 34d
21 ATTENTAT  AT (visiting) TENT (shelter) A T (tense)
22 SlashING  shIN (part of leg) in SlaG(scum) – lash out (spend) – 5d
24 LAIR  – hideout – 28a
25 TOP-LEVEL  [pe]OPLE in TV [chann]EL
28 BRERE  RE (about) in BR (branch) [grov]E
30 OTRANTO  [m]O[a]T RAN TO (was sufficient)
32 PARSI  PARS[ing] (most of the explanation of Latin) I
35 SOUROCK  OUR in SOCK (Argyle say)
36 NORI  NOR I (me neither)
37 EILD  LIE (story) reversed D (date)
38 DEPART  – set off – 6a
39 SCEATT  E (European) in SCATT[y] (mostly disorganised)

1 SHRINAL  SHRI (title of respect) AN (one) reversed L (line)
2 POEM  – Paradise Lost – 29d
3 AGEIST  A GEIST (dominant principle)
4 RAND  R AND [a] (golf club)
5 SPEND  – lash out – 22a
6 SERENA  REN[d] (tear not fully) in SEA (main)
7 UNJUSTLY  UN (a, in French) ST (holy man) in JULY (summer month)
8 MORRISES  MOR (East Anglican girl) RISES (comes to prominence)
9 MIDI  I (one) DIM (not hopeful) reversed
10 REDES  SEDER (Jewish ritual) reversed
14 CTENES  C[ondui]T *(SEEN)
17 STARTS  ST (stone) ARTS (sculpture and other similar things)
18 TERRARIA  ERR (mistake) in T[annhauser] ARIA (melody)
19 INTENDER  [tra]IN TENDER (old railway carriage)
23 GLAIKET  LAIK (to skive up North) in GET (child
26 OUTSIT  OU (where, in French) [nut]S in TIT (bird)
27 VERONA  V (see) A N (new) ORE (mineral) reversed
28 hideBOUND  i (one) deB (fashionable girl) in hOUND (obstinate scoundrel) – hideout (lair) – 24a
29 FOOLS paradise  *(aSsaiLed prOOF) – Paradise Lost (poem) – 2d
31 RURP  R (right) in PUR ( run) reversed – pur or purr is the sound of an engine etc running not ‘run’
33 ARLE  hidden in ‘regulAR LEssons’
34 SCAT  – be off – 20a

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