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Guardian Genius No 70 by Brummie (April 2009)

Posted by tilsit on May 8th, 2009


Apologies for being late with this.

A really enjoyable challenge from Brummie formed the April Genius puzzle and one which required wits to be kept about one at all times.

Although there was no theme as such, we were presented with a series of instructions about the definitions to each clue. In effect no definition was
correctly in its place, some were swapped, some moved from surplus positions to clues lacking a definition, and some definitions were anagrammatised.

If you were looking for a puzzle to introduce you to the art of the Tougher
Cryptics then this was absolutely perfect. Good tight clues and spot-on
definitions made this challenging but very fair.

What was not fair was the good old Guardian forgetting to put 1 across
in the print version. Black mark to them. Luckily the online version had
the clue, so I was able to cut and paste it.

Seven clues (D) lacked definitions. Seven (R) contained a redundant word,
which was one of the missing definitions. Seven (S) have swapped definitions, so that each had one proper to another set. The remaining seven (A) had their definitions anagrammatised.

Hope you can understand this, if not I’ll be happy to explain clues further.

I started by looking at some of the shorter clues as they were likely to lack definitions and found a couple of friendly anagrams.  A piece of paper helped me keep score and I was off!

1 Wine merchant finally gets chain in reward (6)
(S) patchy PAY (PAY = Reward) [not
even – from 3dn wine goes to 20a]

4 As Pitt revealed about MOD (8)
(A) outmoded OUTED [AS PITT anagram of past it]

9 If donkeys learn to dance (5)
(A) renal LEARN (anag) [IF DONKEYS anagram of kidneys]

10 Row about Acton gaol having the form of a baptistery? (9)
(R) octagonal ACTON GOAL (anag) [“row” is def for 24ac]

11 Implying horse dashed with cart (9)
(S) orchestra HORSE CART (anag) [“many players assembled” from
7dn; “Implying” goes to 23ac]

12 County’s share of business study expenses (5)
(R) Essex busin ESS EXpenses (hidden) [“study” goes to 1dn]

13 Agree that cuisines should be varied (12)
(A) enthusiastic THAT CUISINES (anag) [AGREE anagram of eager]

17 Launch Farmer’s moving monster piece of solemn music (7,5)
(R) funeral march LAUNCH FARMER (anag) [“monster” goes to 18dn]

20 Name for a situation when moon gets caught in overturned jar (5)
(S) Rioja JAR(part anag) [wine comes from 1ac; “name
for a situation” goes to 25ac]

21 We initial rocks (3,2,4)
(D) lie in wait WE INITIAL (anag) [“waylay” came from 15dn]

23 Some Scandinavians are acquirin” gun (7,2)
(S) getting at GETTIN’ GAT [“implying” comes from 11ac;
[“Some Scandinavians are” goes to 7dn]

24 “Vital Fluid” includes Cliff Richard’s number ones (5)
(D) scrap SAP [“row” comes from- 10ac]

25 Share equally a mention, maybe (8)
(S) nominate A MENTION (anag) [“name for a position” comes
from 20ac; “Share equally” goes to 3dn]

26 Cotton substitute included in measure of acidity? (6)
(D) plinth PH [“support” comes from 22dn]


1 Penny rock a thing of the past (4,4)
(D) pore over P/ORE/OVER [“study” comes from 12ac]

2 Wailing doggedness from number one metropolis? (8)
(R) tenacity TEN/A/CITY [“Wailing” goes to 14dn]

3 Not even old Henry gets very excited at first (5)
(S) halve HAL/V/E(xcited) [share equally – 25ac;
“Not even” goes to 1ac]

5 Entrants ran up rocks, getting an ulcer (13)
(A) untransparent ENTRANTS RAN UP (anag) [AN ULCER/unclear]

6 Archaism is an attractive quality of some bars (9)
(A) magnetism double def [ARCHAISM/charisma]

7 Many players assembled one in course (6)
(S) Danish DISH [“Some Scandinavians are “ comes from
23ac; “Many players assembled” goes to 11ac]

8 Comprehending Latin, exude casual superior impudence (2,4)
(R) de luxe L(atin) in EXUDE (anag) [“impudence” goes to 16dn]

10 Abroad: “Want a match for that cigarette?” “Please” (3,4,1,5)
(A) out like a light OUT/LIKE A LIGHT? [PLEASE/asleep]

14 Zulu nation, being leaderless, left for north (9)
(D) ululation (z)ULU/(n/L)ATION [“wailing” – 2dn]

15 Waylay action to control test drive (5,3)
(R) trial run TRIAL/RUN [“Waylay” goes to 21ac]

16 Wrenched up hatch: first sign of snoring within? (8)
(D) chutzpah Z (first sign of snoring!) in UP HATCH
(anag) [“impudence” comes from 8dn]

18 Round from an infantryman (6)
(D) dragon DRAGO(o)N [“monster” comes from 17ac]

19 Doubling of temperature in blast is endured (6)
(A) bottom BOOM [IS ENDURED/underside]

22 Nose-like rocket launcher needs live support (5)
(R) nasal NASA/L [“support” goes to 26ac]

Now take a look at the new puzzle and see how you do!

2 Responses to “Guardian Genius No 70 by Brummie (April 2009)”

  1. liz says:

    Thanks for the blog. I thought this was v fair and enjoyable. Hard, too! Kept me busy for quite a while!

  2. mhl says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive post. I found this much easier than other recent puzzles in this series, but did cover quite a lot of bits of paper trying to keep track of which clues paired up with which others :) Still, lots of excellent clues and nothing struck me as unfair.

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