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Azed 1927 – Spoonerisms

Posted by Andrew on 10th May 2009


I knew this special was coming because, unusually, Azed told us about it in the monthly Slip from the previous competition. It’s a format that he invented, and it crops up from time to time. I’ve marked A or C against the numbers to indicate the type of clue – A where a Spoonerism of the answer is defined, and C where the definition itself is “distorted by a Spoonerism”, as the rubric puts it. Type C clues are often fairly easy to spot, after which they become as easy or hard to solve as normal clues; type A can be trickier, as what is defined is usually not a standard word or phrase, and sometimes is just two unrelated words. I think this, along with the fact that in type A there is no definition of the answer, is a bit of a flaw in the format. Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable, if challenging, puzzle. There are a couple of places where I’m not sure I’ve got the Spoonerism right – enlightenment welcomed.

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Everyman 3266

Posted by Arthur on 10th May 2009


Definitely harder than the last one I blogged (2 weeks ago) and probably a little harder than last week. The surfaces here are impeccable pretty much throughout, and overall I felt this had slightly more of the feeling of a weekday crossword than normal. In fact clues very similar to 6ac and 21dn appeared in this week’s (last week’s by the time this goes up) Guardian crosswords.

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