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Financial Times 13,075 / Gozo

Posted by Gaufrid on May 13th, 2009


I am trying to compose myself so that I can write a short composition about sixteen composers (or twenty two if you include the various possibilities for 11 and 12). Despite having a lifelong preference for classical music, two or three of these composers were unknown to me prior to today and I suspect that a number of solvers will not have heard of a few more. However most, if not all, could be readily determined from the wordplay.

1 WAGNER  becomes ‘waggoner’ (drayman) if ‘go’ (oomph) is inserted – Wilhelm Richard Wagner, German composer, 1813-1883
4 BRAHMS  becomes ‘Brahmas’ (caste members) if ‘a’ (article) is inserted – I always thought that the caste member was a Brahman or Brahmin, and this is all that is given in Chambers and COED, but Collins does state that ‘Brahma’ is another name for ‘Brahmin’ – Johannes Brahms, German composer, 1833-1897
8 STAINER  *(RETSINA) – Sir John Stainer, English composer, 1840-1901
9 NIELSEN  *(LINE) SEN (money) – Carl August Nielsen, Danish composer, 1865-1931
11 PRAETORIUS  *(OUTER PARIS) – any one of a number of German composers, Michael 1571-1621, Jacob 1586-1651, Christoph ?-1609, Hieronymus 1560-1629, Johannes 1595-1660 or Bartholomaeus 1590-1623
12 ARNE  [b]ARNE[t] – Thomas Augustine Arne, English composer, 1710-1778 or his son Michael Arne 1740-1786
13 FINZI  hidden in ‘ stafF IN ZImbabwe’ – Gerald Raphael Finzi, English composer, 1901-1956
14 CARL ORFF  *(LORR[y]) in CAFF (cheap restaurant) – Carl Orff, German composer, 1895-1982  Edit: Thanks Eileen for pointing out my misspelling (Orfe)
16 BRUCKNER  homophone of ‘Brookner’ – Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer, 1824-1896 and Anita Brookner, English novelist, 1928-
18 IBERT  I (one) BER[e]T (felt cap not English) – Jacques François Antoine Ibert, French composer, 1890-1962
20 LALO  L[ist] A[bout] L[yrical] O[perettas] – Édouard Victoire Antoine Lalo, French composer, 1823-1892
21 PALESTRINA  PALE (dim) *(TRAINS) – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Italian composer, 1525-1594
23 SALIERI  *(ISRAELI) – Antonio Salieri, Italian composer, 1750-1825
24 MARTINU  UNIT (group of soldiers) RAM (force) reversed – Bohuslav Martinu, Czech composer, 1890-1959
25 MAHLER  homophone of ‘marl’ (clay) ER (Queen) – Gustav Mahler, Austrian composer, 1860-1911
26 GERMAN  cd – Sir Edward German, English composer, 1862-1936

1 WATER  WA (state) TER (territory)
2 GUINEAN  GUINEA (old coin) N (Norway, IVR)
5 REINS  hidden in ‘shiRE IN Show-jumping’ – this should really be ‘seen in’ rather than ‘seen on’ but then the surface would be lost
7 SEEING FIT  SEE IN (welcome the arrival) *(GIFT)
10 SINCERELY  SINCE (from that time) RELY (bank)
13 FIRE-ALARM  I (one) REAL (genuine) in FARM (holding)
15 REINSTATE  REINS (5) TATE (gallery)
19 ERRATUM  *(RARE) TUM (stomach)
21 PURSE  S (shilling) in PURE (clean)
22 NINON  *(INN) ON (added to)

8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,075 / Gozo”

  1. eimi says:

    Despite a predilection for indie (natch) and latterly folk, I knew all of the composers mentioned, so well done to Gozo for not resorting to the darkest corners of Gramophone magazine and managing to avoid obscure answers in the Downs as well. Among the lesser-known composers, I’d particularly recommend Finzi’s Clarinet Concerto.

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    This was a bit of fun. Ibert was the unknown one for me.

    I did know CARL ORFF, though: cheap restaurant = ‘caff':-)

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Thanks Eileen. I cannot blame a typo because there would have had to be three of them but, with hindsight, I did know the correct spelling. I must have been misled by ‘cafe’ whilst solving the puzzle.

  4. shuchi says:

    Hi Gaufrid,

    About 4a: ‘brahman’ has two meanings in Hinduism: one the caste member (an alternative spelling for ‘brahmin’), the other is the supreme cosmic spirit. The terms ‘brahman’ and ‘brahma’ are sometimes used interchangeably only in the second sense, not the first – caste member is not equal to brahma!

  5. Gaufrid says:

    Thanks Shuchi. I was hoping that either you or Rishi would provide confirmation for what I have always thought. From what you say it would appear that Collins is wrong in this instance.

  6. Testy says:

    Gozo seems to make a bit of a speciality of puzzles with all the across answers fitting into a theme. Very impressive as always but unfortunately the theme was not my bag this time and I consequently struggled.

  7. Jake says:

    This puzzle was rather fun I thought. ‘composers’ theme – a real treat. A non too much hassle puzzle with a lot of great clues.

    Well done Mr Gozo. A real treat for a mid-weeker.

    Nice one Sir.

  8. ACP says:

    I’m with Testy. Extensive themes are great when you’re familiar with them, but otherwise . . . well, there’s probably some washing-up to do.

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