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Independent 7040 (Sat 9 May) – Tyrus

Posted by petebiddlecombe on May 14th, 2009


Solving time: about an hour, mixed with TV watching (ironically …)

This is the third Tyrus puzzle I’ve tried in the Indie and the first I’ve finished unaided, but I still found it very tough going, and I’m not sure I’d have finished without the help of the message in the perimeter unches. This gradually extended from “your trousers” to “Get your trousers on – you’re nicked!”. This seems to come from the 1970s TV series The Sweeney. Without wanting to sound like a moaning Minnie, I don’t think you should need to see something like this in order to complete the puzzle. As far as I know, Indie xwd solutions never say anything like “Perimeter squares contained the phrase ….”, so it’s not certain that all solvers know these squares are worth looking at. At which point lots of you will be saying “Come on Peter, didn’t you see all the other Sweeney references in the puzzle?”. In this case, I’m afraid I didn’t, though I should have done (and again, the solution will say nothing). Anyway, on to the clues.

8 NA(THA(w))N – John Thaw was Inspector Jack Regan – so this hints at the quote, though it passed me by when solving.
9 SN=tin,A(KEPI=hat)T. Not totally happy with “to wear in” for “inside AT”, which I only just saw in time to avoid an appeal for wordplay help.
10 EARN – final letters of words in clue
11 THES(p),WEE,NEY=yen rev. Another part of the theme, but again I didn’t see the connection until researching the origin of the phrase.
12 RACEME – came* in re=about. A flower cluster.
13 VI(N)DAL,OO – Vidal is American author Gore Vidal.
15 UEYS – one of the best clues, I thought (“Yes, U-turns”)
16 REGAN = (o)nager rev. – another thematic answer which I failed to see when solving.
18 HUT,U
19 OARLOCKS = (OK Carol’s)*. Slightly disappointed with this one – arbitary names like Carol here are strong signs of anagram fodder. But only slightly as I probably needed the help.
22 TA(UTE)R – a ute is an Aussie/NZ utility vehicle.
26 FLAT – 2 defs
27 NICENESS – (In case Dennis – and I)* – first mention for Thaw’s sidekick, DS George Carter, played by Dennis Waterman.
28 SEA AIR = “see heir”
1 I AM A CAMERA – reverse hidden word. I’d heard the name but couldn’t have told you this was a 50s movie, based on a Christopher Isherwood book, which inspired the musical Cabaret
2 C,HUNTERS = (the runs)*
3 KNITWE = (new kit)*,AR(my)
4 ESME – hidden word
5 DARWEN = Andrew* – Lancs market town just S of Blackburn. The “arbitrary name” is much better for the anag here as it accounts for the whole word.
6 GEN=dope,EVA=girl – the “conventional place” referring to the Geneva Convention – conventions in fact.
7 EIRE – reverse of Erie = “lake”
13 V(e.g.)A’S
14 ON THE RADIO – a “Summer song” because it was recorded by Donna. Here you go. Another late 1970s reference that passed me by when solving.
17 NUT=crazy,GR=King George,ASS=”behind (American)”. “American” in brackets as it applies to both the behind AND the plant. “crazy” is US slang for an insane person or “nut”.
18 HAUSFRAU – (aha, fur(io)us)*
20 LATTES = (TL,eats)*, with the TL from sTiLl, and “invalid” the anagrind.
21 CARTER – crater=depression with the first R=run moved down one position. The part played by Dennis W.
24 ELI = (lie)*,O – Elio seems to be an Italian name – not a very well-known one, but Google reveals that Elio Grossi will cook you an Italian meal should you ever be peckish in Barton-on-Humber.
25 EASE = “E’s”.

3 Responses to “Independent 7040 (Sat 9 May) – Tyrus”

  1. IanN14 says:

    I really liked this one.
    Especially the theme.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was very good, and I was able to solve it without ever having watched the TV programme in question. I did see a message emerging which narrowed choices and helped me finish.

  3. Tyrus says:

    Thanks for the blog and comments.
    Another old-fashioned copper, Gene Hunt, was also lurking in the grid somewhere.

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