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Independent 7047 by Hypnos

Posted by NealH on May 18th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def

Although I’m not a user of it, all the recent fuss over Twitter helped me get going with this puzzle. Once I’d got that, I found it fairly easy going. The clues were mostly well constructed, although one or two of the surface definitions looked a bit contrived.

1 Insert: R in “in set”.
4 Umbrella: U + MB + [c]aller<.
9 Sword-swallowers: CD.
11 Lethargic: (Charge lit)*.
12 Ensue: U in [T]ense.
13 Race: [G]race, referring of course to WG Grace.
14 Snootiness: (in Eton’s so) after [holiday]s.
17 Turkey Trot: Turkey + Trot(skyte). The Turkey Trot was a popular dance in the early part of the twientieth century.
18 Scab: S + CAB. CAB here is Citizen’s Advice Bureau rather than a taxicab (where you might also be offered advice).
21 Islet: Hidden in Carlisle toured. Key as in the Florida Keys.
23 Loathsome: (hotel moa[n]s)*. If you interpret moans as bemoans, then the surface makes sense but it doesn’t read particularly well.
24 Thin on the ground: (Horde noting hunt)*.
25 Roderick: (i red)< in rock.
26 Career: I assume this a hom of Korea, although I don’t find it completely convincing.
1 Insular: [Pen]insular – the Peninsular War.
2 Sports car: S + port + scar.
3 Red rag: Re-drag.
5 Milk chocolate: ilk + ch + loco< in mate.
6 Rhodesia: (H odes) in air<. It’s a reference to Ian Smith, who was the last Prime Minister of Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe under Mr Mugabe’s splendid management.
7 Leeds: Hom of leads.
8 Abscess: C in a BSE + ss.
10 Wigan Athletic: (twice halting)* around a.
15 Enclosure: DD (something enclosed in a letter and the enclosures on a race course).
16 Next Door: Ext + do in Nor.
17 Twitter: Twister with the middle letter changed. Twitter is the latest Internet fad, the idea being to keep sending out mini-blogs of your activities (presumably crucial bits of information like “I’m having my breakfast”, “I’m doing the crossword” …)
19 Breeder: B + hom of reader.
20 Sherpa: &lit. (a pers[on])* around H[imalayas].
22 Laird: Ld around A1 + R.

3 Responses to “Independent 7047 by Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle, which I found on the easy side. Liked SNOOTINESS a lot. Thought a bit too about CAREER – I think ‘Korea’ is right and clued as ‘former land’ perhaps as North Korea and South Korea are there now.

  2. Shirley says:

    Yes, a good puzzle, nicely put together, though not as scintillating as some Indy puzzles can be. I would say the Indy is my first port of crosswording call whenever possibly, which is pretty much always, and this was a more traditional look at things I felt. Funny that it should be easier, or more straight forward than the Rufus.

    Will it be like that for the coming Bank Holiday I wonder.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    TWISTER/TWITTER (17dn: Dishonest figure with slight change of heart microblogging here)

    I put in TWISTER and now I see that TWITTER is the right answer, but it would be a close-run thing if it weren’t for the ‘here’, and that seems to make it all a bit artificial: what else is the ‘here’ doing but indicating which of the two alternatives is the correct one?

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