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Financial Times13,073 – Falcon

Posted by Uncle Yap on May 21st, 2009

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 11 May 2009
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

Today is D-Day when I shall be meeting up with the Sloggers and the Betters in some pub somewhere in London. At long last I will be able to put faces to names that I have become familiar with since getting on this blog. Should be a fun evening.

The pleasant surprise continues while I am in London and the hardcopy of this FT puzzle is very clear and readable. Now I can really savour the cleverness of the clues. In this respect, Falcon did not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed being teased by some of the clues.

1 AT ONCE Ins of C (century) in ATONE (make amends)
4 ISOLATED Ins of O (duck) in I SLATED (one panned)
9 TITIAN Ins of It I (Italian one) in TAN (bronze)
10 CONSUMER Ins of SUM (quantity) in ONE and the whole inserted in CR (credit)
11 ELEVEN What a cheeky clue of the clue number :-) I suppose with that splendid win by England over the West Indies at The Lords, the reference to a cricket team is deserved …  but then it was awfully cold out there for people like Uncle Yap and the West Indians
12 STANHOPE *(s phanton)
13 SHY dd
14 NUANCE Ins of A in NUN (abbess) CE (Church of England)
17 EARLDOM *(ordeal) + M
21 CAMERA Cha of CAME (arrived) RA (Royal Academy of Arts)
25 LOG ha
26 ALPHABET Cha of ALPH (sounds like Alf, boy) ABET (help)
27 STATUE *(Astute)
28 PROGRESS Cha of PR (prince) OGRESS (wicked witch)
29 INFORM IN (popular) FORM (character)
30 STEADIED *(east) + DIED (passed on)
31 STRAIN dd

1,2 AT THE END OF THE DAY I wonder how one calls such a clue? dd?
3 CLARENCE Ins of ENC (enclosure) in CLARE (girl)
5 SPOTTY S (son) POTTY (foolish)
6 LOSING Ins of S IN (second within) in LOG (record)
7 TOMBOY Cha of TOM (cat) BOY (lad)
8 DARKEN Ins of ARK (early ship) in DEN (study)
12 SHALLOT Ins of ALL (every) in SHOT (try)
15 EAT ha
16 ROC Rock (diamond perhaps) minus k for an enormous bird described in Arabian legend, strong enough to carry off an elephant
18 MARTINET MARTIN (boy) ET (first and last letters of errant)
19,20 DEATH OF A SALESMAN cd for a 1949 play by American playwright Arthur Miller
22 CAMPUS Cha of CAMP (affected) US (American)
23 OPPOSE Cha of OP (opus or work) POSE (model)
24 MADRID Cha of MAD (extremely foolish) RID (clear)
25 LESSEE Cha of LES (French definite artcle, plural) SEE (look around)

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