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Posted by Gaufrid on May 22nd, 2009


I have added a facility whereby you can preview your comments prior to submitting them should you so wish (a new button under the comment box).

I have also disabled the automatic capitalisation of users’ names that appear in comments. Unfortunately this also applies retrospectively so in old posts please excuse references in subsequent comments to, say, ‘Edward’ when the original comment was by ‘edward’.

11 Responses to “Comment Preview”

  1. Chunter says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. It was only a week or so ago that I suggested such a feature!

    Another (minor) thing: comments lose their numbers when they are read via the RSS feed. Next time you feel like some PHPing, perhaps?

  2. Chunter says:

    Aargh! Please disregard my comment about comments – I think it’s to do with my newsreader (Vienna on a Mac).

  3. Chunter says:

    This is embarrassing! As you were: please disregard comment no 2.

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Chunter
    As you say, just over a week (your comment was made at 6:03am on the 15th :-) When a similar comment was made today it reminded me to do something about this issue.

    I’m beginning to lose track of what I’m supposed to be disregarding :-) Not that it matters too much as I doubt that I will be able to achieve your request in comment #1. My knowledge of PHP is minimal, just enough to enable me to modify an available WordPress ‘preview’ plug-in so that it would provide a display that virtually matches an actual comment.

  5. Chunter says:

    Hi Gaufrid,

    Sorry again about the confusion: only my first comment stands. I thought it might be worth recording my suggestion just in case it’s something you could deal with easily.

    Thanks anyway.

  6. Eileen says:

    Gaufrid, Bravo! When similar wishes have been expressed in the past, I’ve tended to think that it was really up to us to say [and check] what we mean [as opposed to setters, who should always ‘mean what they say’].

    As an almost complete ‘technignoramus/a’, I have no idea how much trouble it was to provide this facility but, on behalf of all us careless commenters, thank you.

    Now all we need is a facility that overrides [astonished to find this has no hyphen in any of my dictionaries!] those foolish repetitions of perfectly valid comments made by more succinct contributors whle I’m typing my usual prolix comments. [Only kidding :-)]

    [I do so hope that I have proofread [again checked for lack of hyphen] this correctly.]

  7. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Eileen
    Thanks for your approval. Unfortunately the new facility hasn’t worked as it should since you have missed the ‘i’ out of while :-)

  8. Mike Laws says:

    And of course ‘technignoramus’ apart from being a Greek/Latin hybrid coinage, wouldn’t have a feminine form, since ‘ignoramus’ comes from the first person plural of a verb :-)

  9. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    It’s a fair cop! I knew I shouldn’t have started this – I don’t usually contribute to the Chatroom stuff and it’s too late on a Friday evening!

    I just knew there would have to be a typo somewhere. But, of course, it isn’t a weakness in the new facility – simply proof that there’s always room for human error – especially after a couple of glasses of wine.

    Mike Laws: of course, you’re absolutely right. It was just me having a bit of fun. After all, ‘television’ caught on! [But, with regard to the verb form, as a former Classics teacher, I consider my wrists slapped. Mea maxima culpa :-)]

  10. AMB says:

    Thanks indeed Gaufrid et al. I’ve been at my labours about the globe for the last six months, and I’m glad to be back in UK for a lengthy stay. This feature’ll make posting a whole lot easier, and hopefully – in my case for sure – less error-strewn.

  11. mhl says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid – it’ll be nice not to be “Mhl” so much, which just looks wrong :)

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