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Financial Times 13,083 / Mudd

Posted by shuchi on May 22nd, 2009


I’m always pleased when I open Friday’s crossword and find I have Mudd to blog about. This was as enjoyable as Mudd consistently is, with some innovative definitions, entertaining wordplay and great clue surfaces.


1 BIGAMY B (bowled) I (one) GAMY (high, as in spirited/energetic)
4 BUM RAP dd
8 ELLIPSE SPILL reversed in (-d)EE(-p) Very nice one.
9 IDEALLY I DALLY (don’t go for speed) around E (ecstasy). One of the last to get solved; the ‘perfect world’ threw me off-track towards Eden and Utopia.
11 PARTICULAR P (‘physician’ primarily) ARTICULAR (pertaining to joints)
12 IOTA IO (moon) TA (starts to ‘Turn Around’)
13 TARSI TAR (black stuff) SI (I’s back)
14 ANTIMONY A TIMON (the Greek philosopher) Y (odyssey’s ending)
16 FIVE STAR VESTA (a short friction match) in FIR (wood)
18 REGAL LAGER reversed. I vote for giving the REGAL/LAGER wordplay some rest now.
20 OKRA O (old) KRA (ARK reversed)
21 DISSONANCE IS SON (relative) in DANCE (performing art)
23 STIPEND TIP (extra money) in SPEND (remit)
24 DIDDUMS S MUDD I’D reversed. A new word for me, can’t find it in dictionaries I usually check but Google throws up results that tally. Nice clue.
25 REEFER dd
26 AT BEST A, B (secondary grade) in TEST


1 BALSA A SLAB reversed. ‘balsa’ is lightweight wood.
2 GLITTER G (beginning to ‘glow’) LITTER (rubbish)
3 MASOCHIST (STOMACH IS)* &lit. Enjoyed this a lot.
5 UDDER sounds like OTHER when spoken through a cold!
6 REALISM L (line) IS in REAM (paper)
10 ALBATROSS BAT (club) R (right) in A LOSS (deficit). I rely on the internet for golf-related words in crosswords. ‘albatross’ in golf is “three-under-par (-3); often called a double eagle” (Wikipedia).
13 TRICKSTER TRICKS (rounds of cards) T (‘dealt’ finally) ER (queen)
15 TERRORIST ERROR (flaw) IS in TT. Very interesting definition.
17 EXAMPLE EX (old) AMPLE (enough)
19 GRANDEE (ANGERED or ENRAGED)*. Still thinking why both ANGERED and ENRAGED are there in the clue. Is it to add some complexity to an otherwise easy clue, or a tongue-in-cheek reference to the old chestnut (angered)* = enraged?
21 DANTE D (died) ANTE (before)
22 COMET COME (arrived) T (end of planeT)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,083 / Mudd”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Shuchi.

    I think the ‘Athenian’ in 14ac refers to Shakespeare’s ‘Timon of Athens’, about the legendary misanthrope, rather than the philosopher of the same name, who came from Phlius.

  2. Tony Welsh says:

    Re. 1ac I think ‘high’ means ‘gamy’ in the sense of over-ripe, smelly, decomposing.

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