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Financial Times 13,088/Gozo

Posted by smiffy on May 28th, 2009


Other than a couple of (literally) lavatorial answers at 1A and 18, I can find little comment-worthy stuff in this puzzle.  In the double-edged words of an erstwhile history teacher of mine, “It’s good….as far as it as goes.”

1 STOP-COCK – Am not so familiar with this as a synonym for “leader”. Perhaps as in ‘Cock o’ the North’?
5 FLAWED – Homophone of “floored”.
10 STEAM – S + team
11 GLENGARRY – Further name compounding, after yesterday’s HALTED device.
12 ILL-TREAT – Il (Fr) + (lets rat)*
13 THEFT – The FT. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was used in – or even pre-dates – the first ever Financial Times Crossword.
14 BRIDLE – double def’n.
15 DRESEDEN – (reddens)*
18 CISTERN – C + is tern
20 MODEST – modes + t
22 OKAPI – hidden, although you need to be in a forgiving frame of mind on the double-duty structure for this to truly work.
24 ROUNDHEAD – I think this is a stab at incorporating some secondary punning on hairstyles, but that aspect didn’t really work for me.
25 ANARCHIST – an + arch + 1st
26 EXPAT – ex Pat
27 EVEN SO – Evens + 0
28 MEASURED – double def’n


1 SISKIN – is in skin. I suspect that this species is more common in crossword than real life.
2 OVERLORDS – double def’n (ref. Operation Overlord, aka the D-Day Landings) and over + Lords.
3 CAMBRIDGE CIRCUS – Not the highest profile landmark in London, I’d hazard. Having studied at university only a stone’s throw away from here, probably helped me with this one.
4 COGNATE – (tango)rev in CE
7 WORSE – hidden
8 DRY-STONE – (so trendy)*
9 LEASED – homophone of “least”
16 DISTEMPER – double def’n.  Although, personally, I recall the outbreak of the disease in seals several years ago far more clearly than any canine-related scares.
17 ACCOLADE – o in clad in ace. A slightly surreal but amusing surface.
19 NEREID – (Irene)* + d. Whereas this clue this surface is merely surreal.
20 MOUNTIE – MO + untie
21 EDITED – E,D + (diet)*
23 AWARE – a,R in awe

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