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Azed 1930 – computing in Scotland and India

Posted by ilancaron on May 31st, 2009


Somewhat of a Compu-Indo-Scots vocabulary this week. I did this rather fast (for me!) at an airport lounge… guessed some answers from the definition in several cases and left the wordplay for later. That is, now. Wish me luck. Thanks to Rishi a couple of wordplays clarified in the notes.

1 ASPHALS,TUM – (Pal has)*,TUM=”stomach”
11 THROB – broth* – nice surface (for Azed!) — pulse is also a legume as well as THROB.
13 PIER,T – referring to seaside performances on the pier (e.g. Brighton). PIERT is archaic “lively”.
14 M(I)O,SIS – MO is our doctor and SIS is “baby” I guess in the sense of a young child in a family. It’s an optical disorder.
15 ERASE,R – rears* – turns out that “bungee” (pretty sure of Indian etymology?) is a kind of eraser, i.e a rubber.
17 MIME – two meanings, first is our first compu-term. Stands for “Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions” — even in Chambers 2008.
18 AREA,DS – archaic guess. I guess “dual screen reduced” is DS.
19 P(L)AGE – I liked this clue which has an amusing surface: ref. the beach (PLAGE) at Cannes where starlet wares are on display at this time of year.
20 TERMINAL=”last”, UNIT=”one – our next compu-term.
21 ANTICATHOLIC – Ref. Rev. Ian Paisley’s fervent protestantism — got the answer quickly enough but still struggling with the wordplay: “Like e.g. Rev. Ian about domes, in what was grotesque”.
26 SU,RAT – rev(tar,us) – another Indian clue (coarse uncoloured cotton).
27 HEMINA – hidden – corny clue I guess with corny measure the definition since it’s a measure of an amount of corn equal exactly to a HEMINA presumably.
29 D,ARI – arid with D brought to front for an Indian grass.
31 DIAPER – rev(repaid).
32 TRAUMA – (amat[e]ur)*
33 OCCAM – another compu-clue: compound anagram: (OCCAM, punters)* = (computers, can)*. Only one anagrind though (to wade into the perennial discussion) and answer letters aren’t in order. OCCAM is (yet another) programming language (converted by a computer, e.g. a compiler, into something useful!) — even in Chambers though it’s hardly mainstream.
34 ‘T,ILAK – another Indian clue, it’s a bindi (see 12D). And ILAK=rev(kali= Persian carpet)
35 BE(ECHM)AST – (chem[ical])* in BEAST.


1 SHIUR – hidden — from the Hebrew for lesson — so strictly speaking not Yiddish though probably has been absorbed there.
3 P(R)OSER – the definition is “Writer (no poet)” – the parenthetical qualification emphasizing that our writer only produces prose as opposed to poetry.
4 HOES=”hose”
5 LUSUS NATURAE – (unusual teras)* – freak of nature.
6 THE,OP,ATH[l]ETIC – it’s “divinely inspired emotion”. Wordplay only just decoded.
7 U,PROLL – means “close”. Proll is obsolete prowl, i.e. snook.
9 BREME – ember* – Spenserian (thus “no longer”) fierce, thus “burning”.
10 STRE(ETC)AR – ETC in arrest*
12 BIND,I – another Indian clue (the red dot on the forehead).
16 CAT-AND-DOG – they always quarrel but I’ve forgotten the wordplay (I remember I worked it out yesterday but it now eludes me) : “Always quarrelling about a point – it’s queer getting caught up in that”.
22 TUR(A)CO – TURCO is an Algerian Foreign Legionnaire.
23 C(A)REME – a term for the Lent fast and mousse is in fact a kind of (most yummy) creme.
24 HEA(R)T
25 LI(GUL)A – lower lip on an insect: rev(lug=Scots ear) in rev(ail)
26 SA,ICE – (Indian) groom. SA=sex appeal=”allure”.
28 NOM[l]AS – rev(sa[l]mon) – it’s “destructive ulceration of the cheek, affecting hunger-weakened children”.
30 SAIM – Siam (“old country”) with central letters inverted. Scots lard, thus “clarified stuff”.

7 Responses to “Azed 1930 – computing in Scotland and India”

  1. C. G. Rishikesh says:


    about (CA) domes (THOLI, pl. of ‘tholus’), in (c/c ind.) what was grotesque (ANTIC, ‘what was’ prob. suggesting that the grotesque sense is archaic)

  2. C. G. Rishikesh says:

    16 C, A, TAN(DDO<-)G

    I think it works like this:

    about – C
    a – A
    point – – TANG
    it’s queer getting caught up in that – indicating that DDO, rev. of ‘odd’, goes in there.

  3. liz says:

    Thanks for the blog. (re 4dn I think you mean the answer is HOSE — it has to be to fit with 14ac. I took this as a homophone of the rapper version of ‘whores’, hence the ref to ‘scrubbers’.

    Got through most of this OK and then got seriously stuck down in the lower right corner. The last one and the one that caused me most trouble was LUCUS NATURAE. Unlike other obscure words I’ve come across in AZEDs I think I will remember this one, if only because it introduced me via Google to the wonderful ‘vegetable lamb’!

  4. ilancaron says:

    thanks liz — i don’t have the grid anymore but i suspect you might be write about hoes vs. hose.

  5. Andrew says:

    Thanks Ilan. In 14ac I think BABY=SIS is in the sense of (mostly American, rather dated) nicknames for a girlfriend.

  6. Jake says:

    4dn hose, is correct. a US rapper’s term for prostitutes, hoochies, and women, where pimps are concerned.

    didn’t realise azed was into hip-hop!

  7. sidey says:

    4d Scrubbers by the sound of it wash down

    Answer ‘hose’, sounds like “ho’s” [sic]. The grocer’s apostrophe is essential for authenticity.

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