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Independent 7,061/Dac

Posted by Ali on 3rd June 2009


A puzzle packed full of elegant, concise clues today. On the easier side definitely, but still very enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,716 – Brummie

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 3rd June 2009

Ciaran McNulty.

* = anagram
< = reversed
“” = homophone
d.d. = double definition
c.d. = cryptic definition

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Financial Times 13,093 / Monk

Posted by Gaufrid on 3rd June 2009


A tough, but generally fair, puzzle from Monk today. I was held up briefly by entering a wrong (but I thought justifiable) answer at 8d  which meant that 10a was not as obvious as it should have been. The use of foreign words as part of the wordplay seems to be on the increase. Recently, in various publications, we have had the customary French plus German and Italian and today we have Spanish. I did not know prior to today that ‘here’ in Spanish is ‘aqui’ so it is fortunate that I did know that Aquila is the golden eagle genus or, as in this case, a constellation.

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