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Independent 7063 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on June 5th, 2009


Phi’s usual well-constructed puzzle which all stacks up. Ranged for me from very easy in places to quite tricky. Solving time, 19 mins.

* = anagram < = reversed



9 RADIO (Do air)* & lit

10 NOSTALGIA (Ingot alas)*


13 N OD do<

14 E (UN) UC HS sh< cue<

16 SPA RRE R err<

17 TOW(n)

18 CUT AND PASTE (Updates can’t)*

21 O (R 1) FICIAL official less one f first letter of ruin: definition: of the openings (adj)

22 LIFER refil(l)<

24 PRES(s) TI (back it) DIG IT A TOR Reviews, I think, in the sense of a good or bad press. It may have helped me that I knew this word which is maybe not that familiar now.




3 BAR N OW LawyerS

4 CH (A S) ER My favourite clue with a great surface.

5 IN TAR SI A (a is)<

6 SUI GENE (R I)S (Seeing us)*

7 BIRD’S NEST SOUP Cryptic definition eggs in a nest

8 STANDARD ERROR (concept in statistics) flying a flag upside down would be a standard (flag) error

12 WIN (E WA I) TER awe<


16 SI NO LOG Y is<

19 THI (RD) S From music

20 Edgar Allan PO (LIT) E

23 FETA Hidden

6 Responses to “Independent 7063 by Phi”

  1. Simon Harris says:

    Agreed – a good puzzle as always from Phi. Probably my quickest finish in a long time, although INTARSIA was a guess and SUI GENERIS was close behind.

    I thought 24ac was excellent.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    Agree about 24, great to break up a big word into so many parts rather than use an anagram. Like Simon INTARSIA was a from the word play, and I initially entered SUI GENESIS before checking the anagram fully.
    I expected a theme given the strange grid but didn’t notice one

  3. Ali says:

    Ah damn it, I’ve just realised I hastily entered WINE WRITER!

    Still, nice stuff as ever from Phi. I guessed at INTARSIA too and very much liked 24a and 4d

  4. mhl says:

    Thanks for the post, nmsindy, and it was nice to meet you at the Setters and Bloggers meal the other week. Very enjoyable puzzle, I thought, and while I didn’t finish it, it’s nice to learn some new words (SUI GENERIS, PRESTIDIGITATOR and INTARSIA)

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Oh, curses. On reading Ali’s comment I realise I had WINE WRITER too, no doubt for similarly haste-related reasons. One certainly can’t blame the clueing, which is unambiguous.

  6. Sheila says:

    24a I thought of the film with Michael Caine as conjuror ‘The Prestigue’.

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