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Independent 7065 by Merlin

Posted by NealH on June 8th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def

A fairly enjoyable crossword that was mostly straightforward, but had a couple of unusual words.

1 Debt: Bed< + t. Not sure the surface meaning “settle back what’s owed” quite worked.
3 Marsupials: (Puma’s lairs)*
9 Bard: Drab<.
10 Treadwheel: Trew[s] around ad (=bill as in poster) + heel. Not being much of gym-goer, I did think for a while there might be some non-existent piece of equipment called a tracewheel.
12 Ivan the Terrible: (then ate liver)* around rib.
13 Sharp: DD (musical note).
14,16 Lightning Conductor: CD.
17 Tasks: Tass (old Soviet newsagency) around k.
18 Endocrinologist: (On i[llness] single doctor)*.
22 Crucifixes: Circus* around (fix + [trapez]e). Defined as “a stunt performed on the parallel rings in which the athlete holds himself or herself rigid with arms extended horizontally from the shoulders.”
23 Agra: Odd letters of algeria.
24 Weeknights: Wee + knights.
25 Dray: Yard<.
1 Dubai: Hidden, reversed in “Saudi Abu Dhabi”. Very neat clue.
2 Born again: (ran a bingo)*.
4 Agree: A gree[n].
5 Scavenger: Sc + avenger.
6 Power Station: Waters* in potion.
7 Acerb: hom. of “a Serb”.
8 Selvedges: Sedges around E LV.
11 Step Function: Pets< + function.
13 Sacred Cow: Scow around acred.
14 Latticing: L ATT + icing.
15 Inswinger: In (= batting) + s[ide] + winger.
19 Drupe: Dupe around [leftove]r.
20 Olent: O + lent (definition is humming = giving off smell).
21 Toady: Toy around (a + d[rink]).

2 Responses to “Independent 7065 by Merlin”

  1. Mick H says:

    I liked ‘having great estates’ for ACRED.
    Briefly wondered whether there was a gym torture theme going on – TREADWHEEL and CRUCIFIXES both sound like the kind of thing Ivan the Terrible might offer you a go on!

  2. pennes says:

    the top seemed easy as far as endocrinologist(apart from selvedges which i failed to get as couldn’t disentangle “edges” as borders or “sedges” as plants ), and i gave up with crucifixes and olent, suspecting unfamiliar words.
    i rather think four unusual words are too many, particularly when they cross check, as do olent and drupe with crucifixes, but i’m not an old hand with crosswords

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