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Private Eye/Cyclops 392 – Nice Guy No More

Posted by beermagnet on June 8th, 2009


Judging by the scrawl on the crossy I’m blogging from I must’ve had a few when solving this.  So as I finished it, it was probably on the easy side for an Eye.

6 DOW JONES (J[ack] S[traw] DO WE NO)* AInd: fancy
8 UNREST Hidden in sUN RESTrained Last one in but only because I had initially written HANGOVER for 4/12
10 HAIRDO H[illary] AIR (broadcast) DO (act)
11 REGRADE (ER)< [Michael] GRADE
13 DEROGATORY (GORED)< (back stabbed) A TORY (e.g. David Cameron)
15/17/23 NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY I suppose this is a double-definition, but I think I’m missing some meaning from the first half. It took a fair few crossing letters before the phrase appeared.  Full clue:
Fickle public’s changed opinion of Obama? Expect mean behaviour from now on (2,4,6,4,3)
20 DOWN AND OUT DOWN (hair) AND (as well) OUT (declared gay) Whole definition: Bum
22 ACTS [p]ACTS  What a way to indicate removal of P, Ouch!: removing tip of penis
25 RUMBLE M[erchant] B[anks] inside RULE (injunction)
26 BRIEFS DD: shorts, defenders i.e. lawyers
27 SATANIST TAN (Brown) inside (AS IT’S)* AInd: gone pear-shaped Whole def: Follower of Nick
1 COQ AU VIN A kind of homophone-charade: “Dick O’Front”
2 ANY OLD IRON (NO LADY)* AInd: Sadly IRON (the sort Thatcher was) This song
3 USURERS US (/Private Eye/) UR (City) ER (Brenda) S[antander]
4/12 HUNG OVER Hidden in SHUN GOVERnment
5 GREAT TIT G[ordon] R[eally] EAT (chomp) TIT (idiot)
7 JUROR J[ack] (OUR)* AInd: upset; [pa]R[ty] (party’s centre)
9 SMEAR SM[all] EAR (organ)
14 GLITTERATI LITTER,A (refuse, one) inside (collared by) (GIT)* AInd: stupid
16 MANACLES MAN (Guy) (LACES)* AInd: undone
18 RUTHLESS DD one of them a CD: As Brown’s cabinet was when Kelly went. This had me thinking of Dr David Kelly at first, but I think this “joke” has been made before.
19 TORYISM TO (MIS[e]RY)* AInd: dire
21 OWNER [br]OWN (RE)<
22 ADMEN (MED)* AInd: Cruising; inside AN (one)
24 GOSH GSOH (Good Sense Of Humour, the most well known personal ad acronym) with “heart transplant”

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 392 – Nice Guy No More”

  1. ClearanceClarence says:

    Re 21d: excuse my ignorance, but I must be missing something… how does the definition work? I get the “British forsaking Brown – about over” bit, but how does “he admits” = ‘owner’…?

  2. beermagnet says:

    An “owner” can be someone who “owns up”, thus “admits”, to something

  3. ClearanceClarence says:

    Ah I see. Thanks..!

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