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Financial Times 13,091 – Mudd

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 11th, 2009

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 1 June 2009
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

First time downloading from KL at 1Mb after my May break in UK. What a
drag compared to my daughter’s internet speed in London of 7Mb/sec. Thank goodness, the clues continue to be legible. Mudd, as usual,  was good with some challenging clues and a very varied set of devices.

1 CLAMBAKE Ins of LAMB (meat) in CAKE (dessert) a baking of clams on hot stones, with layers of potatoes, fish, sweetcorn, etc, popular at picnic parties in US; such a party; any informal party.
5 SPOTTY Cha of S (small) POTTY (mad)
9 ULTERIOR *(lure trio)
10 GROUND dd
11 BUTTOCKS Ins of TTO (rev of OTT, over the top) in BUCKS (money)
12 TEASEL T (first letter of tall) EASEL (rest for the artist)
14 SNAILS PACE Ins of NAILS (fasteners) in SPACE (gap)
18 ANEMOMETER *(remote name)
22 LOCUST Cha of LOCUS (position) T (20th letter of the alphabet) What makes Mudd such a delight is his creative use of language to define locust as stripper
23 PASTILLE Cha of PAST (old) ILL (sickness) E (ecstasy drug)
24 GUINEA Ins of I (one) in GUN (piece) EA (each)
25 STRUMPET S (son) TRUMPET (instrument)
26 TUNDRA Ins of DR (doctor) in TUNA (fish)
27 INDECENT IN DESCENT (coming down) minus S (half of SO)

1 CHUBBY Ins of H (hard) in CUBBY (nickname of Albert R. Broccoli, Hollywood producer best known for the James Bond flicks.)
2 ASTUTE Ins of U (sounds like you) in *(taste) Could have done with a homophone indicator.
3 BORROW BOR (Rev of Rob, take) ROW (line)
4 KNOCK-KNEED KNOCK (criticise) KNEED (sounds like need or requirement)
6 PERVERSE Write the answer as per verse and you will see the clever word-play
7 THURSDAY *(had rusty) Using one of seven as def adds a touch of piquancy to what would otherwise be a mundane anagram clue
8 YODELLER Ins of OD (rev of DO, party) in YELLER (one shouting)
13 PINE MARTEN *(permanent I)
15 FANLIGHT Ins of AN in FLIGHT (act of bolting)
16 REACTION Cha of RE (on) AC (account) TI ON (rev of no, it)
17 MONSIEUR *(ours mine)
19 ATTUNE Ins of TUN (beer cask) in ATE (Greek goddess of mischief)
20 ELAPSE Ins of LAPS (drinks) in EE (middle letters of wheels)
21 SEXTET Ins of EX (former) in STET (printer’s note to leave it alone)

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