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Azed 1932

Posted by bridgesong on 14th June 2009


A difficult enough puzzle anyway, made more so by the fact that the clues for 23 and 24 down were transposed in the version printed in The Observer (and of course in the pdf). Thanks to Peter Biddlecombe for pointing this out and for his help with 8 down, which had defeated me. In the circumstances I don’t propose to mention my solving time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman Crossword No. 3271 (June 7)

Posted by C G Rishikesh on 14th June 2009

C G Rishikesh.


1 STEFFI GRAF – F in STEFI (anag. of  ‘set if’,  ‘tight’ being the anag. signal), G (good), RAF (service)
6 ITCH – (b) ITCH
10 ABSCOND – AB (sailor, from able-bodied sailor),
SCOND (deleting E from second (back))
11 AILERON – anag. of ‘one lair’, ‘well-oiled’ being the anag.
12 REMIT – R (right), EMIT (rev. of  ‘time’ (occasion))
13 ENCHILADA – L (left) in ENCHIADA (anag. of  ‘hacienda’, ‘to be
cooked’ being the anag. signal
14 WEDNESDAY’S CHILD – I believe this is the answer.
However, I am not able to explain why it’s Wednesday’s. I
thought this might be a reference to the Solomon Grundy
poem, but that doesn’t seem to fit in. The clue is: ” Woeful issue? (10,5)”
16 WHAT’S YOUR POISON – anag. of  ‘why is poor aunt so’, ‘drunk’ being the ang. signal
20 AMOROUSLY – anag. of ‘morals, you’, ‘having loose’
being the anag. signal
21 OP-ART – O (circle), PART (‘lines’ in the sense of ‘words
of an actor’s role’)
23 EMIRATE – EM (rev. of ‘me’), IRATE (angry)
24 TEARS UP – anag. of ‘Pasteur’, ‘broadcast’ being the
anag. signal
25 SING – SIN (offence), G (gendarme, initially)
26 REINVESTED – REIN (control), INVESTED (acquired)

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