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Everyman Crossword No. 3271 (June 7)

Posted by C G Rishikesh on June 14th, 2009

C G Rishikesh.


1 STEFFI GRAF – F in STEFI (anag. of  ‘set if’,  ‘tight’ being the anag. signal), G (good), RAF (service)
6 ITCH – (b) ITCH
10 ABSCOND – AB (sailor, from able-bodied sailor),
SCOND (deleting E from second (back))
11 AILERON – anag. of ‘one lair’, ‘well-oiled’ being the anag.
12 REMIT – R (right), EMIT (rev. of  ‘time’ (occasion))
13 ENCHILADA – L (left) in ENCHIADA (anag. of  ‘hacienda’, ‘to be
cooked’ being the anag. signal
14 WEDNESDAY’S CHILD – I believe this is the answer.
However, I am not able to explain why it’s Wednesday’s. I
thought this might be a reference to the Solomon Grundy
poem, but that doesn’t seem to fit in. The clue is: ” Woeful issue? (10,5)”
16 WHAT’S YOUR POISON – anag. of  ‘why is poor aunt so’, ‘drunk’ being the ang. signal
20 AMOROUSLY – anag. of ‘morals, you’, ‘having loose’
being the anag. signal
21 OP-ART – O (circle), PART (‘lines’ in the sense of ‘words
of an actor’s role’)
23 EMIRATE – EM (rev. of ‘me’), IRATE (angry)
24 TEARS UP – anag. of ‘Pasteur’, ‘broadcast’ being the
anag. signal
25 SING – SIN (offence), G (gendarme, initially)
26 REINVESTED – REIN (control), INVESTED (acquired)


1 SPARROW – S (‘extremely sharp’ yielding the initial letter of sharp), ARROW (weapon)
2 EPSOM – hidden in ‘stEP SO Modernising’)
3 FRONTIERSWOMAN – anag. of  ‘town in firearms’, ‘fired’ being the anag. signal)
4 GODSEND – G (middle of boGgy), anag. of ‘sodden’)
5 ANARCHY – ARCH (bridge) in ANY (some)
7 TERRAPINS - TERRAPNS (anag of ‘partners’, ‘swimming’ being the anag. signal) around I (short for Island as indicated on maps)
8 HANSARD – ANS (abbr. for answer) in HARD (foreceful)
9 PLAIN CHOCOLATE – Cryptic Definition, with wordplay on ‘dark’ and ‘bar’
15 DRACONIAN – anag. of ‘in a Conrad’, ‘novel’ being the anag. signal
16 WEASELS – W (wife), EASELS (stands, n.)
17 OBSCENE – OB (old boy), SCENE (ugly incident)
18 ROYSTON – ROYST (anag of ‘story’ , ‘peculiar’ being the anag. signal), ON (about)
19 NOTEPAD – PA (father) in NOTED (famous)
22 ASSET – rev. of ‘Tessa’ (girl)

3 Responses to “Everyman Crossword No. 3271 (June 7)”

  1. Matthew says:

    14ac is a reference to the line “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” in the nursery rhyme Monday’s Child.

  2. C. G. Rishikesh says:

    Thanks, Matthew.
    Do the qualities remain as the child grows up?
    For, I was born on a Sunday!

  3. Andrew Kitching says:

    Quite liked this one. Thought I’d cracked Everyman, and then today I get stuck on a clue. I look forward tonyour blog next week!

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