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Financial Times 13,104 / Jason

Posted by Agentzero on June 16th, 2009


Some odd surfaces, some odd anagram indicators, and other quibbles.  I’m afraid I wasn’t a fan of this one.  Thanks to Gaufrid for clearing up 10ac and 3dn for me.

8 GARLIC GAR (fish) L (left) I (one) C (starting to cough)
9 RAILINGS AIL (get sick) in RINGS (criminal gangs)
10 _E_V Not solved.  My best guess is that “sign spinning” is VEE reversed, and that there is some motion sickness remedy named _EEV.  No idea what the surface is supposed to mean. As explained by Gaufrid below, this is DERV, which is parsed as RED (stop sign) reversed + V (see), with a fanciful definition (“motion potion”)
11 TENDERLOIN dd, referencing the neighbourhood in San Francisco
12 WING W (woman) IN (popular) G (grand)
13 HERB GARDEN HER (that woman) B (black) GARDEN (bed)
17 FETE T (time) in FEE (cost)
18 GOUGE I believe this is HUGE (massive) with the H replaced by GO (exit).
19 CITY First letters of Your Town Instituted Cathedral, reversed.  A reversal indicator could have been used rather than “possibly.”  I’m not sure why the definition is “here.”  Is it that a cathedral is possibly in a city (although in this clue it’s in a town, no?) or is it that a reader of the FT is presumed to be in the City?
21 T-BONE STEAK *(BEST KEATON) I don’t like “shoot” as an anagram indicator, unless perhaps it appears before the fodder.  The clue would have worked better, IMO, with “shot”
23 SPAM Hidden in religiouS PAMphlets
28 LARD Even letters of cLeAr RuDe.  Another nonsensical surface
29 REMEDIES R.E.M.E. (army engineers) DIE (end) S (sulphur)
30 ANORAK AN O RAK[e] (profligate, almost)
1 WATER ICE W (woman) ATE (devoured) RICE (risotto)
2 OLIVE GREEN *(I NEVER OGLE) Not sure I buy “colour” as an anagram indicator
3 SCOTCH EGGS SCOTCH (cut) EGG (mine? but why? Answer–slang for a mine or bomb) S (second) If anyone can explain this to me, I would be grateful
5 BITE Hidden in lamB I TEst
6 MILL dd I think this definition is in error.  There is no “US coin” called a mill.  The mill exists only as an abstract unit of calculation; for example, an ordinance may specify that your property tax is so many mills per dollar of assessed value.
7 IGNITE LIGNITE (coal) minus L (left)
14 ROUTE R (right) O (old) UTE (vehicle)
15 GREEK SALAD G (grand) REEKS (smells) A LAD (a boy)
16 ROCK SALMON ROCKS (gently moves) ALMON[d] (trimmed nut)
20 TEA BREAK *(BAKER ATE) If “now” is being used to define “tea break” because that is the time when a baker might eat a pie, then “now, perhaps” would be better or even just “now?”
22 BREWER *(W[eak] BEER R[ight])
25 CHEF CH (church) E (eastern) F (female)
26 MAID I in MAD (crazy)
27 LAST AS (when) in LT (officer)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,104 / Jason”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Agentzero
    Thanks for the explanation regarding 11a, I was not aware of that area of San Francisco. I too had similar quibbles regarding 21a and 6d.

    10a DERV RED (stop sign) reversed V (see) – ‘motion potion’ as in diesel
    3d ‘egg’ is a slang term for a bomb or mine (Chambers)

  2. Agentzero says:

    Thanks very much Gaufrid, I’ve noted your explanations in the blog.

    After a visit to Wikipedia, I find that the seedy district in San Franciso was named after an even older one in New York. So the setter could have been referring to either, although only the SF district has that name today.

  3. Dreadnought says:

    6d i’m still none the wiser, I guessed MILL too

    10a I guessed DERV too; but why does V= ‘see’? new one on me…

    20d maybe ‘now’ is the tea break when we’re supposed to be solving this, rather than during the monthly mgmt mtg?

  4. Gaufrid says:

    6d a ‘mill’ is a currency term for 1/1000th of a dollar but a coin of this value has never been minted hence Agentzero’s concern about the accuracy of the definition.

    10a ‘V’ is an abbreviation of ‘vide’ (see)

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