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Financial Times 13,106 / Sleuth

Posted by smiffy on June 18th, 2009


A late solve, and an even later posting. But better late than never, as was the case last Thursday. After the first couple of across clues, I suspected that we were on for some kind of double pangram trickery, but apparently not…

1 TANZANIA – NZ in tan + A1 (reversed)
5 QUIVER  – Qu 1 + Rev (reversed)
9 CONJUROR – con + juror
10 STOLID – s + I in told
12 OUNCE – bounce – b
13 AXIOMATIC A XI + OM + tic[-k]
14 MIRAGE – a G[ovt] in mire. Quagmire struck me as an uncomfortably close indicator for mire.
19 PAYBACK – (bay)* in pack (the forwards in Rugby)
21 FUMBLE – b[-raw]l in fume
23 NERVOUSLY – (lush no very)* – h. The subtraction indicator (“x leaving y” = x- y) always strikes me as a tad clumsy, although at least it’s  employed here to try and smooth the surface.
25 FLEET – L(iberal)in feet
26 LOITER – 0 in Lite + r(ecipe)
27 FACTOTUM – (coat)* in FT + um
28 NASEBY – (ban yes)*
29 OF COURSE – O+F + homophone of “coarse”

1 TUCSON – TUC (Trades Union Congress) + son
2 NONENTITY – [-i]ntention* + [-man]y
3 ACUTE – U + t[eaching] in ace
4 ISOLATE – I + so late
6 ULTIMATUM – cryptic def’n
7 VALET – a + L in vet
8 RIDICULE – hidden reversed
11 FINN – homophone of “fin”
15 AT A LOW EBB – (a lot)* in a Webb.  Re: Captain Webb, the pioneering Channel swimmer.
17 ALL SEATER – (seller at a)*. I always find it slightly surprising that many US sports stadia (which, are of course all-seaters, with a couple of bucket-size drink-holders in each arm-rest) also sell event tickets classified as “Standing Room Only”.
18 OPEN PLAN – Op + (panel)* + n
20 KISS – hidden
21 FLY HALF – A “Back” is one who isn’t in the “pack” (see 19A)
22 STYMIE – sty +mi[-c]e
24 REIMS – (miser)*. I’m far more familiar with the anglicized version (Rheims), but this was no impediment
25 FATSO – intital letters.  This same treatment was applied (to better effect) elsewhere recently.

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  1. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle, of about average FT difficulty or maybe a little easier. No drink-holders in UK all-seaters, where in football (soccer) it’s illegal to drink alcohol within sight of the pitch. TANZANIA was quite tricky.

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