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Enigmatic Variations No. 866 – Gray’s Anatomy by Viking

Posted by Gaufrid on June 19th, 2009


Unlike the last EV I blogged, I made steady progress with this one. Having got ‘ignorance’ twice, but not the author, I might have finished sooner if I possessed an earlier edition of ODQ, in which the quotation was indexed, but fortunately it didn’t take too long to arrive at ‘Johnson’ and from there I was able to determine the quotation and complete the outstanding across clues.

The letters used to correct the misprints spelt out “ignorance, madam, pure ignorance” Johnson which was the reply Samuel Johnson gave when asked why he had defined pastern as the ‘knee’ of a horse (pastern and knee were the answers to the first pair of thematic clues). These and all the remaining thematic answers are parts of a horse’s body hence the title.

The preamble stated that Chambers (2008) does not contain three proper names but Aretha and Aruna appear in the relevant appendix so that just leaves Streep.

*(XXX) – anagram
[x] – letter(s) removed or not used
{xxx} – corrected misprint

1 PASTERN  E (echo) in PAST (after) RN (service)
6 BARREL  BARRE[n] (unproductive without new) L (left)
10 AREOLAE  *(AERO[p]LA[n]E) – {irises}
11 NECK  C (caught) in KEN (dive) reversed – {snog}
13 RUMP  RUMP[us] (disturbance wanting America’s withdrawal)
14 SNARE  N (pole) in SARE[e] (short Indian garment) – {net}
15 LION  NOIL (wool) reversed – {hero}
16 ENEMAS  EN (nurse) SAME (aforesaid) reversed – medical {inserts}
18 STIFLE  F[ield] in STILE (upright fencing edge of field)
19 FOOT  T (the) OOF (money) reversed (remitted)
21 TRUNK  T (tense) KNUR (hard ball) reversed (to return)
23 KAINGA  KAI (Maori food) N[ew] G[reen] A[pples] – a few Maori {pads}
25 INVEIGLER  *(RELEIVING) – one tempting to {snare}
28 LAHORE  AH (expression of complaint) in LORE (learning) – in Asia {city}
30 TRACT  TART (caustic) reversed around C (Conservative) – {Pusey} pamphlet
33 CAMP  CAM (awry) P (pressure) – old {game}
35 ORATOR  OR (before) ROTA (roster) reversed – with force I {say} things
36 BECKON  BECK (stream) ON (against) – {nod}
37 CEDI  C (see) IDE (fish) reversed – {bread} in Ghana
38 MOIRA  I (one) in MORA (legal delay) – one who controls {man’s} fate
39 RUNT  RUN (to follow) T (tango) – little {pig}
40 KSAR  KSA (Saudi Arabia, IVR) R (king) – one who {ruled}
41 CETACEA  T (to) in *(ACE ACE) – {right} whale
42 STREEP  R (romeo) in STEEP (exaggerated) – {best} actress once
43 ELITIST  IT in E (English) LIST (strip) – favouring {pick}

1 PARENTAL  A RENT (a tear) in PAL (mate) – describing {‘guv’} perhaps
2 ARUNA  RUN (enter) in A (all) A (American) – female {name}
3 TOPMINNOW  OP (work) M (midday) INN (pub) in TOW (pull) – one found around water {top}
4 RANSOME  RANSOM (extortionate price) E (European) – {writer}
5 NEAPOLITAN ICE  *(PIECE NATIONAL) – {Wall’s} product
6 BURST  R (queen) in BUST (sculpture) – {rend}
7 ARETHA  A *(HEART) {chick} with virtue
8 REIFY  *(FIERY) – {flesh} out
9 ECOLOGIC  E (drug) CO (firm) LOG (idle person) IC (in charge) – associated with {jungle}
12 KNEE  KEEN (sharp) with N (note) moved (misplaced)
17 ETUI  homophone of ‘a twee’ – place to store {pointed} things
20 HIEROCRAT  *(RHETORICA[l]) – {father} ruling
22 REARREST  REAR (build up) REST (support) – {nick} again
24 ATTENTAT  TENT (camp) in A (about) TAT (matting) – Guy’s {ruse}
26 GAMBREL  GAM[e] (short plucky) BREL (Flemish singer, Jaques Brel) 
27 RACK  RACK[et] (bat to avoid pair at close)
29 ROOMIE  ROOkIE (beginner) with k changed to M (exchanging thousands) – {lodger}
31 HOCK  [c]HOCK (log initially trimmed)
32 RADAR  RA (artist) RAD (excellent) reversed – type of {gun}
33 CROUP  R (take) in COUP (Scots exchange)
34 BONES  EN (measure) in SOB (emotive catch) reversed

3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No. 866 – Gray’s Anatomy by Viking”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    Interesting that both the blogged EV and IQ this week are based on Johnson quotes. And both quotes use repeated words.

  2. nmsindy says:

    But at least the quote itself was not repeated…

  3. Dave Hennings says:

    Just to say that the three proper names referred to in the preamble are Streep, Lahore and Ransome.

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