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Azed 1,933

Posted by Gaufrid on 21st June 2009


As usual with an Azed, I came across some words I had not met before, though all could be readily determined from the wordplay and a little help from Chambers. It took me a short while to see the definition in 10d as we only covered Henry IV Part 1 at school but fortunately the ‘fellow cast member’ made it perfectly clear as to what I was looking for. I still don’t see why ‘omo was used in this clue rather than homo, assuming I have parsed it correctly and that “not ‘omo” is supposed to indicate extraterrestrial. Edit: Richard’s comment #2 has reminded me of how I parsed the clue last Sunday (I would have made notes if I had known I was going to write the blog today). Thanks Richard.

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Everyman 3272

Posted by Arthur on 21st June 2009


I’ve been rather busy this week so I’m writing this blog six days after having done the puzzle. I don’t remember getting particularly stuck on anything, and seem to remember plenty of pretty obvious anagrams and a few too many “Take the first letter of this and put in a word meaning this.” clues for my liking. Read the rest of this entry »

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