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Financial Times 13,103 – Crux

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 25th, 2009

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 15 June 2009
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

Once again, I bemoan the fact the the FT web pages are not exactly kept up to date or up to standard. For a few days, everything stopped on Friday 12 and did not resume until Tuesday 16. When I printed out this puzzle to solve and blog, the clues were such an ordeal to read.

Apart from those administrative grouses, the Crux puzzle was very entertaining and a great way to start the week, albeit a few hours late.

10 LOTTO Lot (fortune) + TO
11 POLAR BEAR P + *(arboreal)
12 AMENITY Ins of EN (east, north, quarters on the compass) in AMITY (peace)
14 ENSUE EN (east, north, directions) *(use)
19 PISTACHIO *(it is a chop)
20 SECTS sounds like sex
22 ABUSIVE Ins of US IV (four) in ABE (lincoln)
25 HANGMAN Allusion toThomas Derrick, a notable English executioner from the Elizabethan era and of course we know this spelling game
27 EPILEPTIC *(tipple + ice)
28 CHEAT C (cold) HEAT (not cold)
29 OVERSTATEMENTS Cha of OVER (past) Statements (financial records)

2 ACTRESSES Ins of TRESS (lock of hair) in ACES (masters)
3 DHOTI Ins of HOT (too warm) in DI (little girl)
4 NAPPY RASH *(any sharp p)
5 LILAC LIL (y) AC (half of acre)
6 OURSELVES Ours (what belongs to us) Elves (little people)
7 NEEDS Ins of E (English) in Ned’s (Kelly’s)
8 SARCASM Ins of *(cars) in SAM (Samuel Goldwyn Mayer)
9 CLEAVE C (100 or many) LEAVE (go)
15 EXAMINERS EXA (rev of AXE, dismiss) MINERS (hard workers)
17 TOOTHACHE TOO (also) + ins of ACH (ache or torture cut short) in THE (article). Another way of parsing this is TOO (also) HAC[k] (cut short) in THE (article). The latter is probably more correct but then who cares, all roads lead to Rome. And who reads this blog anyway? There does not seem to be any response and I wonder whether I am talking to  myself every week.
18 NO COMMENT *(moment nco)
19 PLACEBO Cha of PLACE (put) B (first letter of burns) O (oxygen)
21 SENATE Ins of NAT (rev of tan, brown) in SEE (view)
23 UNITE Unit (one) E (middle letter of sweet, sweetheart)
24 EXTRA dd
26 NICHE Ins of H (hospital) in NICE (pleasant)

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,103 – Crux”

  1. Octofem says:

    You are certainly not talking to yourself, Uncle Yap. I for one always enjoy your witty and erudite blogs. I agree about the FT print – sometimes it is seen ‘as through a glass darkly’, although it has been rather better since the pause last weekend.

  2. Jake says:

    Does anyone have a direct contact to the FT. The reason for it blur-ness is it’s a GIF file, they are usually used for small web motions such as banners etc….

    They need to be at least a hi-res JPEG, or better still a PDF(print res). If anyone reads this.

    I don’t know who to contact to ask for a change?

  3. Gaufrid says:

    The files have been JPG since the 13th of this month. It is just the resolution that is a problem. I posted details of how the FT can be contacted last Friday. See comment #3 in:

  4. Jake says:

    OK, thanks Gaufrid.

  5. Jake says:

    They’re still only 76kb which is rather small for a JPEG file to print. I’ll run mine through photoshop and see if I can make it finer.

  6. Jake says:


    I’ve run it out at 300dpi. It’s a lot more legible, even on a non postscript printer, which I gather everyone has,

    If anyone’s having trouble reading the FT xwd, and photoshop, I’d recommend it without doubt. A lot better.

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