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Financial Times 13,112/Flimsy

Posted by smiffy on June 25th, 2009


This felt like a tougher than average puzzle from Flimsy, although that impression may be influenced by the longest/quadrant-linking entries being particularly slow to come to me.  Commiserations to the setter on having the idea at 15D undermined by a spot of printer’s devilry.

1 ATROPINE – (rat I open)*. Obvious anagram fodder, but I still required a couple  of checking letters to help.
5 CRUMBS – B[eaumont] in scrum*
10 CAT’S-PAW – (cast)* + paw.
11 UNCTION – (function – f)
12 OZONE – Oz + one. A slightly ironic (or not-lit) clue, given that those sun-worshipping Aussies were the first nation to fully discover the significant repercussions of ozone layer depletion?
13 CLEOPATRA – pat in (race + o + l)*.  A pretty convoluted chunk of wordplay.
14 OPEN SANDWICH – c[old] in (wipe hands on)*.  I enjoyed the mental image conjured up by the surface here.
18 FIRST REFUSAL – cryptic def’n
21 ON THE MEND – H in (one met) + n + d. Another natural and watertight surface.
23 RADII – (a Di) in ri[-b]
24 DRASTIC – Dr + [h]as + tic
25 NOSEBAG – (bones)* – n in nag.   This felt a little stretched to meet the original idea.
26 DOTARD – do (as in a party, a bash or a “jolly”) + tar +d
27 BEDSTEAD – steed* in bad

1 ANCHOR – double def’n
2 RATION – oration – o
3  PEPPER POT – pepper +pot
4 NEWS CONFERENCE – I think this is simply a verbose cryptic definition, unless the question mark is hinting at a deeper subtlety.
6 RECAP – hidden
7 MAINTAIN – double def’n
8 SUNBATHE – (buns)* + (heat)*
9 SUPERABUNDANCE – super + bun in (a dance)
15 DIAERESIS – as seen, literally, “naïvety”. Although, in the newspaper itself, the printers managed to defeat the whole object of the clue with a typo!
16 AFFORDED – ford in (a f + Ed)
17 PROTRACT – P + (tractor)*
19 EDIBLE – (bed + lie)*
20 HINGED – (g + E) in hind
22 ESTER – e in rest*. A simple enough clue, but a great textbook example of fitting the definition into both the wordplay and the overall surface.

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  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi smiffy
    I parsed 4d as NEWS (advice) CONFERENCE (talk) rather than just a straight cd.

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