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Independent 7081/Phi

Posted by John on 26th June 2009


Before I solved 11ac it was hard to cope with all those clues that referred to it, but fairly soon that was all right, and there were no terribly obscure 11s. Although most of this nice crossword was easy enough, 1dn seems odd, I had never heard of the answer to 21dn, and 26dn still defeats me (although I’ll have looked it up by the time I’ve written the blog. _A_E is I suspect the skeleton of this type with most possibilities). Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 13,113 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on 26th June 2009


Fairly easy, pleasant puzzle today. I was briefly held up in the NE corner, I thought COLOGNE and BETEL were cleverly clued and it didn’t help to not know the two Lancs towns (which I got in the end, through guessing + Google).

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Independent 7,076 by Nestor (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 20/06/09)

Posted by Simon Harris on 26th June 2009

Simon Harris.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

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Guardian 24736 / Pasquale

Posted by mhl on 26th June 2009


As ever, a very enjoyable puzzle from Pasquale. There were quite a few here where I had to guess that a word existed and then look it up (CERE, MANA, PICKABACK), but the wordplay in each case was quite clear with a few crossing letters.

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EV867 — The Three Rs by Obtrox

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 26th June 2009

Colin Blackburn.

Oddly, my previous blog, and my final blog for the Inquisitor series, IQ 128, was an Obtrox puzzle. More oddly, it used exactly the same device: two extra letters from the wordplay in each clue of one set making up a quotation, the other set being normal. The only difference was that the two sets were the opposite way around.

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Inquisitor 129 TWENTY20 CRICKET by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on 26th June 2009


Wow! Tremendous stuff from Loda! A puzzle with 20  across and 20 down clues where all the answers were 6 letter words corresponding to the balls in an over, using vowels as scoring shots and W’s as wickets. Quite amazing.

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