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Inquisitor 129 TWENTY20 CRICKET by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on June 26th, 2009


Wow! Tremendous stuff from Loda! A puzzle with 20  across and 20 down clues where all the answers were 6 letter words corresponding to the balls in an over, using vowels as scoring shots and W’s as wickets. Quite amazing.

Ba gave up with the cry “Oh no!  I can’t stand anything to do with cricket”. You couldn’t do this one without a knowledge of cricket (and of the T20 rules ?), though the clues did not require any specific cricketing knowledge to solve them. The clues were pretty taxing though.

Each clue contained an extra word (googlie!) and these spelled out the final instruction. After a number of false dawns I eventually decoded


The “normal” part of the crossword is explained below. Remember that W is not mentioned in the wordplay. The cricket scorecard and match result is below the table.

 1  Walks  TWO-WAY -T(he) + O(z) +AY 
 2  Hayden  BESTOW – BEST (first) + O (ball) 
 3  Elements  (R)OUSTED
 4  New  TALION – T(eam-mate) + A(ustralian) + LION
 5  Throws  SWINGS – SINGS = celebrates
 6  Hectic  DIGEST – D(ead) + [IT’S E.G.]*
 7  Enticer  ENABLE – BANE rev. + L(ength) + (Pan)E(sar)
 8  Ground  ELVERS – I liked “Murray’s offspring” as a definition! [REL(ie)VES]*
 9  Aussie  SCRYER – another good definition “one looks into ball”: S(eam) + RYE in CR(own)
 10  Misfield  RE-EDIT – ER rev. + TIDE rev. – clue is not quite accurate.
 11  Expensive  WHORTS – [SHORT]*
 12  Ian  BROWNS – B(owle)R + ON (leg side) + S(quare)
 13  Symonds  HOLIST – L + IS in HOT
 14  One  AGUISE – new word to me! A + GUISE
 15  Volley  LIMBOS – another good definition! S + LIMBS round (b)O(uncers)
 16  Eighth  REVIEW – VI in REE
 17  Ricky  HEWERS – (C)heers!
 18  Hussey  SIERRA – hidden in bossier railed
 19  Innings  STARVE – R in STAVE
 20  Gilchrist  WINNOW – a fan: [IN ON]*
 1  Hick  TITLES – TIT (= nag) + LES (Dawson)
 2  Lamb  OWL-CAR – a night tram! [LOCA(l) R]* 
 3  Into  WHITBY – HIT + BY
 4  Ground  YONDER – hidden in latterly on Derek
 5  Having  BUSIER – [BUSIE(r)]* – liked “crease” as an anagram indicator!
 6  Tonked  STIEVE – Scottish word for “firmly” – STEVE (Waugh) round I
 7  Team  TENSED – [NETS E(nfiel)D]*
 8  Hogg  WISEST – [(inn)I(ngs) SETS]*
 9  Eventually  LAUNCH – LAH round UN + C(rease)
 10  Matt’s  HOWLET – didn’t know this version of owlet, but another fun definition: HOLE + T
 11  Additional  ERG-TEN – ergs (work) to the power of 10! E(i)G(h)T(e)E(n) round R + N(ote) 
 12  Taylor  INSERT – a “flier” inserted in a magazine? [RESTIN(g)]*: “drops leading edge off Gower” is a brilliant way to remove a G!!
 13  Conditions  WHARFS – “Cutters” are boats in this context! FR reversed in H(ard) A(rea) S(trip) 
 14  Hoggard  OLIVIA – O(ver) + LA (= lo)  round IV I (4 + 1)
 15  Relations  RIMIER – RIM + IE + (keepe)R
 16  Energy  STOWRE – a battle or assault: STORE = keep in reserve
 17  Slip  BASHAW – BASH + A(ustralian)
 18  Umpire  OUTWIN  – Spenserian: OUT(re) + IN
 19  Last  WIVERN – [VER NI]* – over nine less “one”
 20  Taken  SEESAW – SEE + (pom)S  + A


The cricket match is scored with vowels as scoring strokes, W as wickets and consonants as “dot” balls:


1) .W4W16 2) .2..4W 3) 45..2. 4) .1.34. 5) .W3… 6) .3.2.. 7) 2.1..2 8) 2..2.. 9) …62. 10) .22.3.

11) W.4… 12) ..4W.. 13) .4.3.. 14) 1.53.2 15) .3..4. 16) .2.32W 17) .2W2.. 18) .32..1 19) ..1..2   20) W3..4W

Score: 128 all out on the last ball


1).3..2. 2) 4W..1. 3) W.3..6 4) 64..2. 5) .5.32. 6) ..32.2 7) .2..2. 8) W3.2.. 9) .15… 10) .4W.2.

11) 2…2. 12) 3..2.. 13) W.1… 14) 4.3.31 15) .3.32. 16) ..4W.2 17) .1..1W 18) 45.W3. 19) W3.2.. 20) .22.1W 

Score: 128 all out on the last ball

So the result was a TIE which can be found in STIEVE and is to be highlighted (if my calculations are correct!). If my calculations are wrong, you could also find E WIN or A WIN at the bottom with the WIN of WINNOW, which is interesting!

I am unclear about what happens in the current World Cup in the event of a tie. Are the points shared in the group stages and super-8 phases? They couldn’t be in the knockout stage, so there is a bit of a question hanging over the result. Brilliant fun though and I am sure someone with more cricket information will correct me if I have missed something!

8 Responses to “Inquisitor 129 TWENTY20 CRICKET by Loda”

  1. Hihoba says:

    8) (eight+bracket) seems to have been replaced by a “smilie” – sorry

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    Hmm, an argument for not having smilies turned on!

    Thanks for the blog. I didn’t have time to do this puzzle but when I saw the grid and preamble I though it looked interesting. It now looks like I should have given it a go.

  3. Chunter says:

    Any tied matches at the World Twenty20 would have been settled by a ‘super over’.

  4. HolyGhost says:

    Rather too many proper names, I felt … many as “googlies”. But the fact that both sides lost their last wicket off the last ball of the innings was a nice touch (also removing the possibility of scoring runs after they were all out).

  5. Colin Blackburn says:

    Looking in from the outside I wondered if the proper names were there to provide some easier googlies, as well as provide a cricket surface to the clues.

  6. Ray Folwell says:

    I agree that the match was a tie. If we are wrong and England won, there was also “LIONS WIN” on the third row. The Lions are the England “A” team.

  7. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks for the blog, I appreciate how much work must go into the Inquisitor ones.

    I enjoyed the puzzle, but the final step left me wondering. I couldn’t believe we were expected to sit there and do all that counting of vowels, and couldn’t face it myself. I spotted LIONS WIN and highlighted that, but it felt quite unsatisfying!

  8. Mike Laws says:

    I saw LIONS WIN when test-solving, but, as editor, had to check the scorecard as well. Pity Australia were eliminated before the puzzle appeared!
    And it’s a “super-over bowl-out” that would occur in the event of a tie, but I don’t know exactly how it would work – nor does a friend of mine who’s a regular in my local, and a Lord’s member.

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