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Azed 1934 – Right and Left

Posted by Andrew on 28th June 2009


The luck of the draw is giving me all the Azed specials to blog these days. Right and Left is another one that comes up fairly regularly: I think the format was devised by Azed’s predecessor Ximenes (there’s an example by X on Derek Harrison’s site. As always there’s one answer that links the two halves of the grid. It’s notable how seamlessly the two-clues-in-one are joined together, with no superfluous words and often apparently in the middle of a phrase: to illustrate this I’ve indicated below where the splits lie. There seems to be a high proportion of unusual words in the puzzle – maybe this is an unavoidable consquence of the restricted space in the two halves of the grid. I’ve shown the answers in the order they appear in the grid: I hope it’s clear from the explanations which half of the clue each relates to.

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Everyman No. 3273 (June 21st).

Posted by The Trafites on 28th June 2009

The Trafites.

Our first blog (as the The Trafites), and we look forward to doing this.

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